anti-dumping duty

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a tariff imposed to prevent dumping

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It may be recalled that Pakistan is the top exporter of cement to South Africa and as a result of imposition of anti-dumping duty, Pakistan's cement exports to South Africa are continuously on the decline.
Traders also believe that even a partial reduction of the anti-dumping duty will help improve the situation.
New Delhi is now imposing an anti-dumping duty of 1.
According to the earlier reports it was given to know that the Indian government is planning towards imposing a high anti-dumping duty on the importers of solar cells in the country.
On June 22, 2011, Ministry of Strategy and Finance Republic of Korea initiated a sunset review on the need for the continued imposition of an anti-dumping duty on importers of the BOPET Film originating from the People's Republic of China and India.
5 percent anti-dumping duty imposed on polypropylene imported from Saudi suppliers, including Saudi Basic Industries Corp.
THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) is expected to restore an anti-dumping duty on USA exports of ethanolamines, a key pharmaceutical ingredient.
In a written rely to the Rajya Sabha Union Minister of State for Trade and Commerce, Jyotiraditya Scindia said: "In case a product is imported into the country at less than its normal value, and it causes injury to the domestic industry, the domestic industry can make an application to Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied duties (DGAD) in the Department of Commerce for imposition of anti-dumping duty.
The Associated General Contractors of America has asked the Southern Tier Cement Committee to withdraw its complaint that triggered the current anti-dumping duty on Mexican cement and allow cement supplies to arrive from Mexico free of prohibitively high duties.
Amended final determination in the anti-dumping duty investigation on imports of wooden bedroom furniture from the People's Republic of China
The Saudi side raised the issue of anti-dumping duty imposed on various items of their industry is detrimental for the trade relation between the two countries.
As a result, no European Union exporter should be subject to an anti-dumping duty affected by zeroing in the future.
It has raised the main anti-dumping duty for Chinese producers of woven fabrics of synthetic filament yarn containing 85% or more by weight of textured and/or non-textured polyester filament, dyed (including dyed white) or printed.
Bexar Concrete of San Antonio, a fabricator of prestressed concrete for bridge girders and parking structures, laid off more than 40 workers became it could not obtain steel strand after a 77% anti-dumping duty on foreign strand led other users to turn to the only two U.
50 in Class A Interfor shares; and (iv) a Contingent Value Right entitling the holder to receive a pro rata share of the after-tax amount of any countervailing and/or anti-dumping duty deposit refunds received by Riverside on or before December 31, 2007 in respect of duties paid or accrued on or before the closing date of the transaction.