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the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people


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Those who argue the gesture is merely antiestablishment conveniently ignore the fact it has become one of the symbols of burgeoning anti-Semitism across Europe.
And in the nearly seven decades since, the problem of anti-Semitism continues in various forms around the world.
Gritsch believes that the distinction between "faithful Israel," known through the prophets, and an anti-Christian Judaism is the basis of Luther's anti-Semitism.
The argument of this book is bold, original, and deceptively simple: Between 1750 and 1850, during a time of constant political debate about the place of Jews in German and Austrian society, German-language writers developed a new literary anti-Semitism that has been largely ignored by scholars.
What's needed is debunking the relationship between legitimate Israeli criticism and anti-Semitism and notion of a serious anti-Jewish crisis when none, in fact, exists.
However, by focusing on anti-semitism as the main mode of reading his sources, Julius passes over other histories: of friendship, irony, resistance, complicity, and indifference, those more ambivalent Jewish-Christian interactions.
to identify and define the nature of anti-Semitism in Canada today (.
In 2004 he was cleared of anti-Semitism for dressing like an Orthodox Jew and giving the Nazi salute on a TV show, but was fined for anti-Jewish comments he made to a newspaper.
Co-editors have helpfully contributed to this conceptual clarification in their introduction, by suggesting that anti-semitism has in fact taken, world-historically, a variety of forms (or "components"), the principal of which the co-editors identify as the three-fold "Anti-Jewish Anti-Semitism," "Anti-Arab/Muslim Anti-Semitism," and "Anti-Afro-Arab/Muslim Anti-Semitism" (p.
Over the 60 years of Israel's existence, a new strain of anti-Semitism has evolved that targets Israel and Zionism.
The other great point of contiguity between Kazakhstan and Borat's candid camera America is anti-Semitism.
While correctly condemning Gibson's ugly tirade, Toronto papers insisted on regurgitating the complaints of anti-Semitism against the film star's biblically faithful 2004 masterpiece, The Passion of the Christ.
Those vices, which announced themselves to the world last week, are alcoholism and anti-Semitism.
Benedict certainly will stand strong against anti-Semitism, and he clearly is sensitive to the magnitude of Jewish suffering under the Nazis.
Finkelstein, Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History (Berkeley: U C Press, 2005), 343 pages.