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Synonyms for anti-Semite

someone who hates and would persecute Jews


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discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion

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First, it is a bigotry directed against Jews that Jews themselves have done nothing to earn and do not deserve; anti-Semitism is a problem of ignorant but otherwise decent people as well as racist anti-Semites.
Anti-Semites insisted that as carriers of decay the Jews and their genius for innovation not only challenged the status quo but polluted every national culture and subverted all that was best in the Christian world.
So dispiriting that even anti-Semites, a proud breed with sturdy traditions dating back thousands of years, seem to falter and fail in their most basic duty, the simple-hearted and passionate hatred of Jews.
Mr Justice Eady said I was not a racist nor an anti-semite and that was worth a lot more to me than the substantial damages.
In the packed auditorium, Mr Mousawi said he was not an anti-semite, adding many of his friends were Jewish.
Roth goes back to 1940 and creates a chillingly believable novel (it can happen here) based on Roosevelt's failure to win a third term; instead, Charles Lindbergh, a known isolationist and anti-Semite, is elected President.
I am interested, however, in his rather strong and gratuitous characterization of Martin Luther as "a churlish priest and an anti-Semite even by the standards of his day.
Nobody is denying Ward's right to speak as an ignorant anti-Semite, or even to play point guard in this highly Jewish metropolis as one.
Gahr attacked Weyrich in the American Spectator and then, in an interview with The Washington Post, called Weyrich a "demented anti-Semite,"
That Farrakhan was an anti-Semite was irrelevant to us--we just couldn't figure out why he kept singling out Jews.
Historian Irving was branded a racist, anti-Semite and a Holocaust-denier by the judge in the High Court case.
Whereas Hasacke was smeared as an anti-Semite for one "Real-Time Social System," 1971, despite another that exposed the Baptist Church (too close to Rockefeller interests to mention?
He told a reporter that he thought of the US leader as an anti-Semite for a long time.
They cannot call you an anti-Semite, Palestinian sympathizer perhaps, not an anti Semite.