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Synonyms for anti-Semite

someone who hates and would persecute Jews


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discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion

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The emphasis on the distinction of the anti-Semite party and anti-Judaism as a personal prejudice is one that is often overlooked in discussions surrounding Nietzsche and the Jews, and the historical contextualization Holub provides is an important and valuable contribution to scholarship.
An anti-semite attributes negative characteristics to those of the semitic race purely on the grounds of that membership.
There will always be Jews living throughout the world (perhaps it's the secret behind their survival) and the anti-Semite will still lurk in the shadows.
Meanwhile, West Brom stated that they would suspend Anelka 'pending the conclusion of the FA's disciplinary process and the club's own internal investigation', although it acknowledged that the FA panel did not find that Anelka is an anti-Semite or that he intended to express or promote anti-Semitism.
But if a European, for instance, criticizes Israel's policy toward the Palestinians he or she is at the risk of being labeled as anti-Semite.
Pyat is a sexual adventurer, addict, and anti-Semite who journeys from Leningrad to London and becomes swept up in a social and political storm.
Grass is the prototype of the educated anti-Semite who means well with the Jews.
Cries of anti-Semitism against dissenters is a gross manipulation of what it is to be an anti-Semite and completely false as well as destructive.
Rob Boston, AU assistant director of communications, noted in his 2000 book Close Encounters with the religious ous Right that there is no evidence that Barton himself is a racist or an anti-Semite - but the fact that he twice addressed these groups is well known.
Likewise in Zola's universe can the Jew become an anti-Semite, something Baron Nathan demonstrates in Verite by cravenly embracing the anti-Semitism of his Gentile aristocratic protectors.
The Academy's decision to give French-Swiss director Godard an honorary Oscar has reignited long-simmering allegations that Godard, an avowed anti-Zionist and longtime defender of Palestinian rights, is an anti-Semite.
Julius arrestingly argues that we might compare the anti-Semite to someone who drops litter on one's lawn: 'You will not be interested in the character and motivation of the litterbug; you will not want to scrutinise the litter before depositing it in your dustbin: Dealing with anti-Semites, argues Julius, is not a Jewish vocation, but a time-consuming and frightening chore.
Ben-Artzi, says, aLetas tell the truth: Obama is an anti-Semite.
Recently a mailer went out that approved by the campaign of Christine Essel for the Los Angeles City Council District 2 condemning opponent Paul Krekorian as an anti-Semite and a misogynist.
CLARA'S WAR: ONE GIRL'S STORY OF SURVIVAL recreates how the author and her family survived the Holocaust in a bunker under the home of a known Anti-Semite.