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Synonyms for anti-Semite

someone who hates and would persecute Jews


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discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion

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For Sartre, the anti-Semite "localizes all the evil of the universe in the Jew.
Accordingly, Jewish actions do not in themselves cause or contribute to the rise of Anti-Semitism but rather anti-Semites seize upon any act of Israel and distort the outcomes to suit their need for anti-Semitic fodder.
At the Colorado event, Barton's fellow speakers included anti-Semites, white supremacists and a Holocaust denier.
Further, calling someone sexist or an anti-Semite on the basis of some disgusting comments left on a Web site whose founder supports Krekorian does not in any way prove that these are his sentiments or that he endorses the terrible things they are saying.
At this moment, when France has a good deal of soul-searching to do, we may do well to recall the thoughts of Jean-Paul Sartre, whose Anti-Semite and Jew, though written over seventy years ago, contains observations that are no less true today, such as his diagnosis of anti-Semitism as an all-consuming passion, a "total choice" that transforms hatred into a faith.
I am not an anti-Semite or against the Israeli people.
Although the Football Association cleared Anelka of being an anti-Semite, the West Brom player was however, found guilty of an 'aggravated breach' of FA rules for making the 'quenelle'.
But if a European, for instance, criticizes Israel's policy toward the Palestinians he or she is at the risk of being labeled as anti-Semite.
Kirby received a backlash on twitter from Israel supporters and was accused of being an anti-Semite.
But the FA statement went on: "So far as the basis for our finding on Charge 2 is concerned, we did not find that Nicolas Anelka is an anti-Semite or that he intended to express or promote anti-Semitism by his use of the quenelle.
His defence that he did that in support of his friend Dieudonne M'bala M'bala, a French performer, a Holocaust denier, an anti-semite and somebody who, amongst other offences, invited the Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson on stage as part of his performances.
After a series of unsuccessful political bids in the early 1990s - Duke run for the US Senate, for governor of Louisiana and also as Republican Party presidential candidate in the 1992 primaries - the self-styled "racial realist" turned writer and penned several controversial books, which were bashed as anti-Semite and bigot by rights groups.
Pyat is a sexual adventurer, addict, and anti-Semite who journeys from Leningrad to London and becomes swept up in a social and political storm.
Cries of anti-Semitism against dissenters is a gross manipulation of what it is to be an anti-Semite and completely false as well as destructive.
That Farrakhan was an anti-Semite was irrelevant to us--we just couldn't figure out why he kept singling out Jews.