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Antonyms for anti-American

a person who is opposed to the United States and its policies

opposed to the United States and its policies


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and speaks up against the loud anti-American minority who purport to speak for all Canadians.
NLPC announced that it would be alerting Veterans organizations of SUBWAY's campaign to disrespect Americans abroad and that it would also contact each member of the House and Senate Armed Services Committee in addition to the Defense Secretary, asking them to contact SUBWAY CEO Frank DeLuca regarding the inappropriateness of a company with such a presence at military installations using inflammatory, anti-American rhetoric to sell their products.
Our Iraqi occupation is making that more likely, as each passing day stokes the anti-American fires of the extremist factions.
It appears from the anti-American campaign in Germany that a marketing agreement exists.
They're not interested in anything that contradicts their anti-American viewpoint.
In other words, by 9/11, Saddam's regime had not engaged in anti-American terrorism for almost a decade.
Coke says it's aware of Mecca-Cola and has felt the impact of the anti-American boycotts.
Among the audience were a number of Muslims, who voiced strong anti-American sentiments, with some even claiming the US were ultimately responsible for terrorism because of their foreign policy.
The war in the Balkans has succeeded in one respect: It has revealed the scale of anti-American feeling in Russian society, especially among younger people.
IN AUGUST The Washington Post ran a front-page story about the rising popularity of anti-American themes in Egyptian pop culture, offering as its lead example the latest work by Egypt's best-known filmmaker, Youssef Chahine.
Now, the burger clown plays the part of globalization scapegoat, a burning effigy of anti-American sentiment and an Iraq-invading infidel.
They said they had several reports of anti-American activity going on here and wanted to see the exhibit," she says.
One Japanese Ministry of Finance (MOF) official recently labeled Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka a "troublemaker" seemingly beefing up claims that the new Japanese official is hypersensitive to the Chinese and appears anti-American at inside meetings with colleagues (see From the Founder).
This film will provide valuable background material for understanding the current politics of South and Central America, which include growing anti-American populism as well as migration pressures from south of our border.