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any of various tropical American plants cultivated for their showy foliage and flowers

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The centerpiece of flowers contained protea, green anthuriums, Oriental lilies and Star of Bethlehem with the plates framed by Monsterra leaves.
Heliconias, anthuriums and a host of other exotics really do seem to transport the Chelsea Flower Show visitor to paradise.
The Kamimuras supply anthuriums for our Buddhist altars at home.
This long-stemmed orchid has dozens of tiny red flowers and looks great en masse or combined with other tropical flowers such as anthuriums, heliconia or red ginger flowers.
But flowers like tulips, anthuriums, liliums and orchids that are imported from Thailand can last three to four days," she says.
This involves adding coconut husks to the soil, as anthuriums thrive in moist soils with high organic matter.
ANTHURIUMS come from the tropics, so they need heat and high humidity, but not direct sunlight.
Owners of Finca Roman Farm, Anthuriums de Puerto Rico and the Javier Quiles Farm, all in Adjuntas, and the owner of Finca Los Tres Picachos in Jayuya, failed to display pesticide application information for farm workers and pesticide handlers.
Heliconias, gingers and anthuriums are becoming more popular as they tend to have a long vase life.
For a start not everyone likes red roses and nowadays there is so much more choice available, from scented lilies to orchids and tropical anthuriums.
The Flowers and Plants Association has some top tips for alternative floral love tokens: Anthuriums - commonly known as Flamingo Flower.
Some creative options include a colorful edible fruit bouquet, an arrangement of beautiful greens, a watermelon and flower fruit medley or a vase filled with gorgeous artichokes and anthuriums.