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any of various tropical American plants cultivated for their showy foliage and flowers

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This is the third variety of anthurium flower, also known as flamingo flowers, grown by the Kaohsiung research station.
In Anthurium, a larger number of shoots was observed when exposed to a higher amount of blue LEDs rather than red (Budiarto, 2010), and in Brassica napus the best proliferation rate was obtained with 100% blue LED (Li et al.
Floral scent collection at the perfume flowers of Anthurium rubrinervium (Araceae) by the kleptoparasitic orchid bee Aglae Caerulea (Euglossini).
Organic matter also can serve as good medium to anchor adventitious roots for anthurium (HIGAKI et al.
Se hallaron un conjunto de bejucos grandes, variedad de helechos y musgos de crecimiento epifito y hemiepifito asociados a individuos arboreos del bosque de San Juan, siendo el genero Anthurium el mas abundante entre los bejucos grandes, con DAP [greater than or equal to] 2,5 cm.
Etiology, survival and chemical control of bacterial blight of anthurium.
As highlighted by Anthurium, 78, there is in the human being an 'emptiness' which, for him, can only be filled by God.
The Anthurium or flamingo flower is a another long lasting and less maintained plant inside the home.
We have Lilies, Leichtlins' Lily, Chrysanthemum, Anthurium and many more.
I went there with a wreath made of white anthurium flowers.
Mascarenhas said the common indoor species being brought to the camp include howea fosteriana or the Kentia Palm, dracaena massangeana, phaleonopsis, anthurium and dracaena marginata.
2 % del total de especies, y son principalmente no lenosos (Elaphoglossum, Peperomia, Epidendrum, Polypodium, Pleurothallis, Anthurium, Rhynchospora, Mikania, Pentacalia) o con especies en ambas grupos funcionales (Clusia, Solanum, Monnina, Miconia) y solo tres generos con especies exclusivamente lenosas (Piper, Palicourea, Psychotria).
El estrato herbaceo hasta los 1,5 m y conformado basicamente por: Anthurium longigeniculatum, A.