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any of various tropical American plants cultivated for their showy foliage and flowers

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Nearly invisible to the naked eye, pests such as palm thrips (Thrips palmi), which attack orchids, or banana rust thrips (Chaetagnaphothrips signipennis), which trouble anthuriums, can wreak havoc in greenhouses.
2003); certain Anthurium cultivars exhibit no damage from hot water drenching at 50[degrees]C for up to 15 min (Tsang et al.
In 2009, the resort debuted 42 Anthurium Lily Junior Suites in addition to 12 Hibiscus Suites with private Jacuzzis that opened in 2008 adjacent to the beach.
Beyond the true Arums, there is a huge range of plants from the Arum family for you to search out, including the Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum; the mouse plant, Arisarum proboscideum with its strange long-tailed spathes; the Arisaema's that have become so popular for collectors over recent years; the bog Arum, Calla pallustris; the Yellow Skunk Cabbage, Lysichiton americanus with its distinctive musky smell and the Flamingo Flower, Anthurium andraeanum.
In the den, warmer colors prevailed; Butler paired tangerine-hued tulips and anthurium with pincushion protea, oncidium orchids, and fresh lemons to complement the vibrant colors of the food.
Assis (Assis, 2003); Araceae, Anthurium gomesianum Nadruz (Nadruz, 2006); Begoniaceae, Begonia aguiabrancensis L.
Held assembled big artichokes with green anthurium from Hawaii in a glass vase with collard green leaves tied to the outside.
You'll need moist soil for anthu-rium andreanum or anthurium.
And the list of species is endless - from amaryllis, freesia, tulip, hyacinth, azalea, orchids and anthurium to begonia and roses.
Mix it up Bamboo stepladder, spiky Dracaena marginata 'Tricolor', variegated schefflera, and, behind, a leafy anthurium are a study in contrast.
For anyone who likes the ultra-modern look then you'll bring an enthusiastic smile to faces with the flamingo flower or anthurium.
The German raider Anthurium has won her last two races but takes a step up in class, while Erimos is a smart performer who will appreciate the testing ground.
Midrib shapes are occasionally useful, for example, in the diagnostic presence of high adaxial ridges in Anthurium leaves, but midrib complexity is also predictably associated with size and weight of the lamina.
Primary colours like red anthurium or white lilies also look fantastic in a minimilist room.
4 Java - 1,000,000 sticks Anthurium - 500,000 sticks 2.