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Columbus and his successors project a number of ancient and medieval topoi of anthropophagy onto the newly-discovered continent" (390-91).
The concept of 'cannibalism', set forth in this way, allows for the description of the ritual experience of anthropophagy from the inside, while the cannibal impulse is revealed through the variants of that double desire of the other's desire which makes all colonizing processes possible, in the well-known forms of (i) territorial annexation, (ii) incorporation (productive, spiritual, institutional), and (iii) absorption by the world chain of capital circulation and the global mediatization system.
One way to talk about transcultural exchange is by use of the metaphor of anthropophagy, which dates back at least to Brazil in the 1920s, the same era in which Faulkner visited France and also later wrote "A Rose for Emily.
Anthropophagy and aggregation behaviour of the sandfly Plebotomus argentipes in Sri Lanka.
Crucially, accounts of Old World anthropophagy emphasize the physical act of eating, while in visual and verbal depictions of New World cannibalism the act of eating occurs as an afterthought or a leftover of the ritual killing that precedes it.
Derrida may not have known what eating means, but as Melville perhaps unintentionally concedes he was at least circumspect enough to speak of "symbolic" anthropophagy (67) rather than the essential sort.
Moreover, we could also establish associations with the "Brazilian anthropophagy movement" and the ways it "mingled homages to indigenous culture with esthetic modernism" (310).
30) In this case the possible polemical allusion on the part of Petronius would fit very well in the context of the contemporary anti-Christian accusation of anthropophagy --one of the presumed wrong-doings (flagitia) of the Christians in Tac.
Most ethnographers, myself included (Conklin 1995, 2001), who have written about anthropophagy as a social practice have tended toward the relativizing approach that Frank Lestringant (1997:12) calls "culturalist," which tends "to idealize the violent act of eating, to shift the noise of teeth and lips towards the domain of language.
This aspect of anthropophagy ties in wonderfully well with the dark
Widow strangulation, female infanticide, and warrior cannibalism were quite widespread in the 'dark bush' of Vanuatu, the last confirmed case of anthropophagy occurring in 1942.
Arens, The Man-Eating Myth: Anthropology & Anthropophagy (New York: Oxford UP, 1979) 10-13; and David Howes, "Introduction," Cross-Cultural Consumption: Global Markets, Local Realities, ed.
1980, Man eating myth: anthropology and anthropophagy, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
Here the papal or Catholic carpus is mortally poisoned by consumption of the fantastically transubstantiated corpus Domini and, in turn, infects the true, Reformed corpus ecclesiae (not to mention reipublicae) via perpetuation of this blasphemous anthropophagy or, more precisely, theophagy.
The structures of our humanness constrain us to anthropophagy (physical and psychological), just as the structure of matter demands that our bodies' movements conform to the law of gravity.