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To reiterate, what is important about the image of anthropophagy that Humboldt encountered in Montaigne and Kant is the way that this image functions as a double figure, first, of the supposedly radical other and, second, as one that allows for a critical reappraisal of Europe, as when "der geistreiche Montaigne" (8) presents the perspective and voice of the cannibal in his essay, "Des Cannibales.
To convert is to subject pagans in order to prevent, before all, the anthropophagy, but also to prevent the lack of political authority; the lack of religion, the mental roughness, the activism to the forest.
From Rite to Hunger: Anthropophagy in Two Chilean Chronicles of the Sixteenth Century
Second, though Avramescu is good when he discusses the genealogy of what this reviewer would call "cannibal talk," he totally ignores the implications of attributing the horrors of anthropophagy to other cultures after the various voyages of discovery.
Anthropophagy was synonymous with savagery, violence, and paganism.
There are many evidences of anthropophagy in the history of mankind, from the ritual preparation and consumption of the brain mass of dead men in the Paleolithic age (2), to the recent erotic rituals of a discreet German citizen.
We thus get a forceful juxtaposition between anthropophagy and normative British cookery, which "troubles the distinction between eating the flesh of animals and eating the flesh of people through its alignment of the carnivorous and the cannibalistic" (Rohman 123).
Arens, The Man-Eating Myth: Anthropology and Anthropophagy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1979), assesses the evidence critically.
2) Derived from Oswald de Andrade's modernist enterprise and propagated more recently by the de Campos brothers, anthropophagy eschews resistance as an act of rejection for a resistance characterized by creative synthesis, not so much a reversal of power as a leveling of power.
Although rare, cases of anthropophagy occurred; individuals were seen eating human flesh.
Anthropophagy and aggregation behaviour of the sandfly Plebotomus argentipes in Sri Lanka.
Crucially, accounts of Old World anthropophagy emphasize the physical act of eating, while in visual and verbal depictions of New World cannibalism the act of eating occurs as an afterthought or a leftover of the ritual killing that precedes it.
Derrida may not have known what eating means, but as Melville perhaps unintentionally concedes he was at least circumspect enough to speak of "symbolic" anthropophagy (67) rather than the essential sort.
Her book will thus be a first port of call for researchers on anthropophagy.