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ascribe human features to something

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The characters are all anthropomorphized pieces of sports equipment, brought to life with bright colors against a photo-realistic background.
The next monumental construct in the artist's weather/nature series will be a multi-story anthropomorphized flower, titled "Vernal Equinox," anticipated to sprout at this site on or about the first day of spring, 2012.
We examine people's assessment of the risks associated with a gambling machine and a disease and how these risk perceptions may vary depending on whether these risk-bearing entities are anthropomorphized or not," said authors Sara Kim and Ann L.
It is a charming tale of love between two anthropomorphized animals: an owl and a cat.
There is the predominant evocation of the natural world, often anthropomorphized yet acutely observed from a startling perspective, as in "flocks of small birds like newly discovered opinions" or "ferns like jagged rows of decaying teeth.
The anthropomorphized lions are exquisitely developed and evocative characters who will haunt the reader.
Any cutesy, anthropomorphized animal, it seems, is capable of dispensing unwanted suggestions as to how she should conduct herself.
The market" here isn't a thing, or a set of transactions: It's anthropomorphized, kind of like a god--I'd say Thor--and he'd better not be crabby.
Rare iconographical motifs are featured in the book (like the Naming of Jesus) as well as bizarre innovations (an anthropomorphized altar
Bernard and transform it into an anthropomorphized portrait has gained her national recognition and a loyal pet-owner following.
Most writers anthropomorphized God, addressing God as they would a relative, friend, or parent, preferring familiarity over deference.
Award-winning author and artist Yuyi Morales presents Little Night, an imaginative picturebook about Mother Sky and her rambunctious daughter Little Night, anthropomorphized as an African-American family.
Usually, an animated feature is deemed sophisticated if its anthropomorphized toys or creatures reference '70s pop-culture trivia while performing their kid-amusing antics.
The main attraction for many young ones is likely to be the opportunity to interact with the beloved anthropomorphized cars from the film like Lightning McQueen and Tow-Mater, characters who have earned the company well over $10 billion in merchandising revenue.
In addition, anthropomorphized entities become responsible for their own actions - that is, they become deserving of punishment and reward.