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Synonyms for anthropomorphize

ascribe human features to something

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It is possible to see the molecular gaze as an attempt to bring the conditions of reproduction under human control, which is to say, to anthropomorphize them.
we anthropomorphize because guessing that the world is humanlike is a good bet'.
We do not anthropomorphize nature or blame it when we recognize this consequence; yet, it deserves our special antipathy.
Since war permeates every breath in The Iliad it is hardly necessary to anthropomorphize the waves in just this way.
I don't really like to anthropomorphize too much," says Arkin.
Animal tales, common to almost every culture, generally anthropomorphize animal characters in moral stories like Aesop
In a final experiment, the authors reversed the situation to try to determine whether risk perceptions would affect people's tendency to anthropomorphize depending on their feelings of power.
And unlike Treadwell, he didn't tend to anthropomorphize the birds, although he gave them names like Mingus, Picasso, Sophie, Pushkin and Tupelo.
It's hard not to anthropomorphize the scene she describes as consultation: "They have it in their mandibles, and they pass it to each other.
Do I anthropomorphize, projecting human attributes onto her rather than acknowledging her essential otherness?
Tyrannosaurs Rex does not anthropomorphize Cobalt in any way; instead, the story draws directly upon the latest scientific research and theories to reconstruct how these gigantic beasts lived, hunted, and raised their families millions of years ago.
Psychology researcher Adam Waytz of Harvard University, insists that people anthropomorphize, the act of attributing human traits to non-humans, to feel connected to environment.