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ascribe human features to something

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But what we must not forget is that Berger's humanist dystopia and algeny's humanist utopia are really just two sides of the same coin, for fueling both of these visions is the anthropomorphization of agency: the act of granting humans the power to alter the material conditions of life so radically that these conditions become both human shaped and human shaping.
At the same time, Berger's essay endows anthropomorphization with an immense power to transform animals materially--to make over their very nature in the image of this corruption--by cordoning them off in environments shaped to suit human ends.
Impact: As with anthropomorphization, fundamentalists have and continue to be highly critical of multiculturalism/diversity, challenging books containing non-American information and like writers.
This reflected a wider trend in the Victorian world, evident also in literature, toward the anthropomorphization of what had previously been regarded typically as mere companions, status symbols, dumb beasts, taxonomical specimens, food, or some other means to an end.
Through the anthropomorphization of crocodiles, Robert Heidbreder removes a young child's real-life fear of these creatures.
The word itself has several meanings and shades of meaning, from a poetic creation, to the anthropomorphization of a concept, to a satirical play on words.
This could be a further reason to feel comfortable, even oddly intimate, with the Kraken, yet such a sensation has a limit; it does not quite constitute anthropomorphization, that easy, crude method of assimilating a strange form of life to a human frame of reference.
An environmentally conscious storybook that shows the beauty of animals in the natural world without a trace of anthropomorphization, highly recommended especially for young bird lovers.
probably pertains to their reification or anthropomorphization of the
3) Arnaldo Ginna similarly confuses the anthropomorphization of the car as a phallic extension of its male driver with the sexualization of the car as a female vessel.
acknowledge their anthropomorphization of computers, their actions speak
By the time Nietzsche comes to treat science in the Birth of Tragedy, he has already subtextually dismissed "Christ" in place of the "Satyr" as his anthropomorphization of das Ur-Eine: the Monkey represents much more than simply a transmogrified version of "the mystagogue of Science.