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Synonyms for anthropomorphism

the representation of objects (especially a god) as having human form or traits

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He argues that it is a mistake to make such rigid distinctions in the first place, and conceives of human, animal, and machine as a rubric for understanding key figures, texts, and sites where species-being is either reinforced or challenged by our relationship to our own narcissistic and anthropomorphist tendencies.
Fatalistic schema works building victimization in the face of fate or God (in its angry and terrible manifestation) and identification (in its anthropomorphist manifestation).
Apes, too, have opposable thumbs, yet despite an anthropomorphist tendency among some primatologists who desperately want to believe apes to be primitive--if hairy--people, in the end there is no ape civilization.
You don't have to be a loony anthropomorphist to suspect horses experience it too.
Having identified himself as merciful--"not one am I / Of those who think damnation better still" (13)--Byron's affirmation of Christian benevolism is confirmed later in Vision of Judgment when Southey becomes the quintessential anthropomorphist by presuming to judge George III's fitness to enter heaven.
The argument against inhumane conduct is that it degrades the perpetrator as well as the victim, and you don't have to be an anthropomorphist to see that some of our behavior toward animals falls into that category.