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the representation of objects (especially a god) as having human form or traits

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The only unsociable anthropomorphism in terms of badgers, I can recall, was Tommy Brock, Beatrix Potter's creation and one, which came from the pen of a farming landowner.
While Schwarcz deals explicitly with anthropomorphism, and even develops a taxonomy of four types of anthropomorphized machines, his emphasis is on the ramifications anthropomorphism has on readers' conceptions of the enlivened inanimate object: "As so often in the individual and collective history of man, when he is confronted with an ambivalent mental attitude toward forces that seem to be beyond his control, he turns, in his attempt to solve the conflict, to the device of projecting onto these forces the human attributes of emotion, reason, and volition by way of animation and personification" (161).
Studies also found that anthropomorphism also functioned as a coping mechanism for loneliness when human connections are not available.
I wrote a novel this year from the viewpoint of a cat, so I've learned that adult anthropomorphism can be surprisingly joyful.
Across myriad cultures and throughout history, stories and myths that feature anthropomorphism have helped us understand and relate to the natural world.
At times Woolf's figurative language signals a foray into anthropomorphism in her drawing of the animal world (indeed it can be argued that all attempts to explore nonhuman life with human words will contain at least a latent anthropomorphism).
This is referred to as anthropomorphism, which is "the attribution of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior to inanimate objects" ("anthropomorphism", 2015).
James Leo Cahill's chapter is illuminating in its explanation of the counter-anthropocentric potential of anthropomorphism; May Adodol Ingawanij's piece on the films of Apichatpong Weerasethakul takes the concept of anthropomorphism more literally by looking at animism and its modern representation in his films.
And while his delivery makes him more of a horseracing than social commentator, the intelligent material - which ran the gamut from high-brow "must-see" TV to Vikings, anthropomorphism to the world's depleting helium stocks - made for a refreshingly entertaining evening.
argues, is that we too readily think of acting or of being acted upon from our own narrow anthropomorphism and read God's actions in the same light.
Documentary films are the focus of several chapters, including James Leo Cahill's exploration of the distinctions between anthropomorphism and anthropocentrism in the films of Jean Painleve and Genevieve Hamon and David Ingram's rhetorical analysis of An Inconvenient Truth (Davis Gugenheim, 2006).
This understanding infuses Mary Ellen's images with an unsentimental poignancy and a fully intentional anthropomorphism that, while sometimes ironic and other times unsettling, always render photographs that are remarkably engaging.
I might even extend my original argument in claiming that Moe himself never gets beyond anthropomorphism, either, in his drive to "translate" other species into human language.
Van Riel provides a concise reconstruction of the historical context of Plato's own reception of Greek religion and theology in the fourth century BC beginning with the endeavor to morally purify the gods while paradoxically preserving the anthropomorphism of the traditional Homeric/Hesiodic account.
A dashing red collar--finally shed, in a moment of chattering triumph--is the only overt sign of anthropomorphism in "Amazonia," a beguiling narrative creature feature that takes its monkey business rather seriously.