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measurement and study of the human body and its parts and capacities

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Simenko & Cuk validated the 3D body measurement and estimated high ranking consistency with manual anthropometry.
Sacral index was measured by taking the breadth and length of individual sacrum with the help of Vernier Digital Caliper and adopting the method as demonstrated in Hrdlicka's Practical Anthropometry.
The influence of runners' anthropometry on performance has been previously analyzed, and several studies have found negative relationships between halfmarathon time and body mass for males (Knechtle et al.
Each driver has a different anthropometry that the seat and restraint system must accommodate to keep the driver safe.
Anthropometry, including height, weight and body fat percentage were obtained through skinfold measurements of the cyclists.
After having collected the anthropometric data, a prototype (or a sample garment), focusing on functional anthropometry, will be developed in order to test the practicality of the garment while its wearer is performing certain tasks.
1D anthropometry identifies soft-tissue landmarks over which calipers or measuring tapes are placed for reading distances between landmarks.
Anthropometry assessment has highly attracted researchers' attention because it is easy and inexpensive.
Background: Estimation of stature has a significant importance in the field of forensic medicine and anthropometry.
Pioneering the as-yet-untried system of fingerprint detection and using cutting edge forensics, including crime scene photography, anthropometry, pathology, laboratory analysis, Achille attempts to separate the innocent from the guilty.
Flow diagram of the study Interventional Control group group Baseline 118 94 At enrolment Teaching session + Anthropometry Anthropometry Second visit 110 84 10 weeks after Teaching session + Anthropometry Anthropometry baseline Third visit 100 83 20 weeks after Teaching session + Anthropometry Anthropometry baseline Fourth visit 95 73 30 weeks after Teaching session + Anthropometry Anthropometry baseline Intervention group (n=23 dropouts at last visit; 20 migrated; 2 refused length measurement; 1 violated protocol) Control group (n=19 dropouts at last visit; 15 migrated; 3 refused length measurement; 1 violated protocol)
Anthropometry measurements including weight, waist and hip measurements, and blood and urine samples were collected at baseline and after each intervention phase.
Anthropometry as a tool for measuring malnutrition: Impact of the new WHO growth standards and reference.
Field methods include ultrasound, anthropometry, skinfold thickness (SF) and bioelectric impedance (BIA) [4-6].