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Using anthropometrical data, the individual vertebrae and finally the entire column was modeled as a standard.
After analysing the anthropometrical data it was found that (Table-3), malnutrition is more prevalent among boys and girls in the age of 5 years as compared to the other children in the age group 3 to 5 years, due to increase in the activities and reduced intake of nutrition that ultimate affects the growth and development.
We followed a human-centered, mechatronic design approach by beginning from anthropometrical remarks and repetitively modifying the design choices after meetings with end-users (i.
The project was at first done for 12 selected anthropometrical points for better comparison with fully computerized method, though 17 and finally 28 points were chosen for further data analyses.
Children anthropometrical measurements were entered and analyzed by using Epi Info (version 6.
Here we studied the relationship of GDF-15 with anthropometrical measurements of obesity, blood pressure, parameters of glucose and lipid metabolism, inflammation, and renal function in a cohort of 118 morbidly obese patients vs 30 age- and sex-matched healthy individuals, and in 28 patients who underwent laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery (RYGB).
Abstract: The article shows possibilities of obtaining anthropometrical data through the analysis of special objects in pictures.
Anthropometrical measurements: The heights and body weights of the subjects were measured, and the body mass index (BMI) was calculated according to the formula BMI=(weight in kilograms)/(height in meters) (2).
Alphonse Bertillion's pioneer anthropometrical system of
In a 1916 article on his work at the Laboratory, Hickson wrote that he was attempting "to make a survey along the psychological, normal and abnormal; physical and medical; anthropometrical and anthropological, stigmata of degeneration, intrinsic and extrinsic.
Its African Warrior started with a 'human-centric approach', taking into consideration anthropometrical profiles and biomechanical constraints to determine endurance limits.
Compared with another population-based survey conducted by the South African Vitamin A Consultative Group conducted in 1994, (12) there has been little change in anthropometrical status in the 5-year period, with underweight being 9.
In his 1896 police handbook Signalectic Instructions: Including the Theory and Practice of Anthropometrical Identification, Bertillon instructs, "If the subject in question were a real negro, with black skin, the indication negro type on the dotted line of the DESCRIPTIVE INFORMATION would replace advantageously all other description" (183).
Much of the information has been transferred during these studies to older people and their caregivers, during anthropometrical measurements and interviews, data collectors and volunteers; university staff and students.
Collection date and time were recorded, as were infants' birth date, gestational age, birth weight, and sex and mothers' demographic and anthropometrical characteristics [age, education, parity, body mass index (BMI)], diagnoses, pregnancy complications, and route of delivery (cesarean section vs.