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Exclusionary dynamics within anthropology have had significant historical negative impact on Christian involvement that continues today.
Failure to answer these questions adequately is a major weakness of this study, a weakness that will require a more critical approach to theological anthropology than is offered here.
Writing in anthropology encourages students to critically recognize the cultural seams that connect their world.
By offering a plausible reconstruction of Kant's View of the relation between transcendental freedom and moral anthropology, however, he has provided a crucial framework for discussions of this issue, and he has also indicated new directions for inquiry into other aspects of Kant's moral theory and anthropology.
Comparing the two papacies, there is a kind of historical eloquence in that Wojtyla, the Polish Pope, is elected to see off the Marxists and focus on the promotion of an alternative Christian anthropology, while the German Ratzinger is elected to contend with problems created by, among others, Luther and Nietzsche.
In anthropology, Barnes (1969) introduced the distinction between stars and zones.
Such arguments ignore the transformation in the history of anthropology since Stocking's statements in 1992 in which he admitted that most of his career had been devoted to the narration of "figures in hegemonic anthropological traditions" (Stocking, 1992).
Meltzer, "Clocking the First Americans" Annual Review of Anthropology 24 (1995): 21-45.
He omits a major aspect of Aristotle's faculty psychology, which makes the Stagirite compatible with the Platonic anthropology that Levi ascribes to the humanists and reformers.
A companion volume to Out in the Field, an exploration of lesbian and gay experiences in anthropology, Out in Theory presents lesbian and gay anthropology as a "distinct" area of study and addresses the theoretical issues that have defined, and continue to define, the emerging field.
A key issue underlying this process was a new perception of the "other" in contemporary ethnography, anthropology, and visual arts, now emancipated from its colonized condition.
Taking a biosocial perspective on human reproduction, we examine contributions from biological and cultural anthropology concerning men's reproductive health.
Rawalpindi -- Department of Anthropology of Fatima Jinnah Women University celebrated World Anthropology Day on Wednesday as part of its initiative to highlight significance of the discipline of anthropology in promoting cultural diversity and peaceful coexistence.
Many anthropologists, however, saw Freeman's strident refutation of Mead's landmark contribution to anthropology, "Coming of Age in Samoa", as the culmination of a forty-year vendetta.
The Ways We Stretch Toward One Another: Thoughts on Anthropology Through the Work of Pamela Reynolds
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