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Introduction a une anthropologic de la surmodernite, podemos decir que el barrio se encuentra aqui en un proceso de transicion del lugar (7)--un espacio habitado por una comunidad que comparte de manera organica sus referencias identitarias, relacionales e historicas--al no-lugar, donde las practicas cotidianas revelan una sensacion de anonimato, individualidad, y enfasis exclusivo en el presente.
Last, an anthropologic understanding of the lack of illness and burial reporting would inform a more comprehensive interpretation of these results.
Anthropologic de la globalisation (Edicion: First Edition.
These are the contamination of water by certain trace metals or non-metals that can be either geological or anthropologic origin.
Zeitschrift fur Morphologie und Anthropologic 31: 3-62.
An anthropologic study on strategies for addressing heath problems among elderly in Bambui, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
To address this critical lack of geographic, anthropologic and hydrographic information, the Allied Geographical Section (AGS) was established under the command of Lt.
Culture, illness and care: Clinical lessons from anthropologic and cross-cultural research.
Looking for closure and release from the tension created by their year-long anthropologic experience with the indigenous Baining of New Guinea forty years before, Pool and her (ex-anthropologist) husband return for a shorter visit and find they are finally able to plumb the richness of their earlier experience and leave for home no longer afraid, no longer angry, and no longer running.
1995), "Les << bonnes raisons >> de donner", in Anthropologic et Societes, vol.
Similarly, these equations could be useful in stature prediction in Physical Anthropologic and Forensic Medical examination in cases of personal identification.
Objective: The anthropologic and archaeological study of pre-Columbian people of the Amazonian basin has revealed sophisticated agriculture practices.
Culture, illness, and care: Clinical lessons from anthropologic and cross-cultural research.