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Synonyms for anthropogenetic

of or relating to the study of the origins and development of human beings

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In other words, the situation in which cultural defenses misfire and one is forced to return for a moment to the 'primal scene' of the anthropogenetic process.
2006) identified 14 bones with anthropogenetic alterations (including cut marks) that could be identified to species from the Middle Palaeolithic level at the site.
This is done at the cost of amputating virtually all the rest of Darwin's work (apart from The Origin of Species, only limited passages of the work as a whole has generally been read), in particular his anthropological and anthropogenetic work (in the first place, The Descent of Man of 1871(16)).
If, in Kojeve's reading, the master is the "catalyst of the historical, anthropogenetic process," the work that the master demands from the slave creates the "real objective World.