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the evolution or genesis of the human race

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In general, we may state that the expression of positive erosion anomalies and sediment yield is greater to the southern direction of zone location, the stronger landscape anthropogenesis and the smaller a basin.
What makes history in W3 different is its traumatic turn from anthropogenesis to psychoanalysis.
The bulk of the data are Late Neolithic but the analyses will provide a detailed look at plant use, agriculture, and anthropogenesis in mid-latitude China.
The ability of electronic biosystems to receive and transform all types of energetic impulses has been extrapolated by Sedlak to a concept of consciousness, whose nature and evolution he also attempted to sketch, not avoiding distant extrapolations in the direction of anthropology, including anthropogenesis.
Here, the categories, or rather the types, concern the transformations of substance considered as the stuff of humanity - biological material to be fashioned and suggesting a kind of comic anthropogenesis prepared on the basis of Mendelian laws of heredity.