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the evolution or genesis of the human race

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It then turns to Tereza, an "experimental ego" who offers a counterexample to Western anthropogenesis.
In general, we may state that the expression of positive erosion anomalies and sediment yield is greater to the southern direction of zone location, the stronger landscape anthropogenesis and the smaller a basin.
Since employment and exchange values are no longer based on physical productivity but on intellectual and creative ability, revolving around the use of technology but also "a mode of linguistic cooperation that moves the anthropogenesis to the centre of productive processes," what meaning and forms can innovative actions take?
The mirror brain, concepts, and language: The price of anthropogenesis.
A geoclimatic alternative to the Athens model of Marianas savanna anthropogenesis is offered below, supported by palaeosediment data generated during fieldwork by Athens and colleagues, as well as by observations from archaeology, ethnography, geography, and soil science with which the Athens model does not conform.
As a result the history of nature as key to the ontogeny of absolute spirit is made doubly problematic by the unworking of the very terms "history" and "nature," which turns the anthropogenesis of spirit into a psychoanalysis of spirit through its (human) nature.
Anthropogenesis refers to the creation of new soil by human intervention.
The present article is an exploration of the anthropogenesis of the Hispanic-American man, within the peculiarity of his comprehension through the grand categories: myth, history and literary fiction, and the significant processes of cultural symbiosis that ate posed between them, in an image selected from the novel Terra nostra by Carlos Fuentes.
The ability of electronic biosystems to receive and transform all types of energetic impulses has been extrapolated by Sedlak to a concept of consciousness, whose nature and evolution he also attempted to sketch, not avoiding distant extrapolations in the direction of anthropology, including anthropogenesis.
Here, the categories, or rather the types, concern the transformations of substance considered as the stuff of humanity - biological material to be fashioned and suggesting a kind of comic anthropogenesis prepared on the basis of Mendelian laws of heredity.