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an inclination to evaluate reality exclusively in terms of human values

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Making the initial leap: moving our thinking from anthropocentrism to ecocentrism
14) Anthropocentrism does not convert into a thoroughgoing humanism, wherein all humans are treated as equally worthwhile.
It reaches beyond the solipsism of neoromanticism either by foregrounding the issues of projection and anthropocentrism or by politicizing the construction of the visionary voice.
The antidote for this sort of anthropocentrism can, I propose, be found in the exercise of attention.
Fore demonstrates with brio that the so-called "return to order" was not at all a rewinding of the clock, nor a simple return to the classical humanism and anthropocentrism that had been programmatically eschewed by the radical experimentations of the historical avant-gardes (abstraction, readymade, sound poetry, plotless films and theatrical productions, montage, etc).
Anthropocentrism and egoism can't be escaped, but they can be mitigated.
Dianne Bergant looks at anthropocentrism in the Scriptures through a reading of the Book of Job and the Wisdom of Solomon.
To articulate a democratic, posthuman political imagination, the authors outline a "bestiary" to catalogue monsters which provide an "exodus" from capitalism and anthropocentrism (9).
Since the first article is a comprehensive introduction to the theme, I would like to point out only three entry points here: firstly, Christian mission beyond an anthropocentrism, secondly, ecumenism more focused on cosmic unity, thirdly, spirituality reconnecting humanity and creation.
Both belief systems lead to a deep and limiting anthropocentrism, where reality is assessed through an exclusively human perspective.
As Davies writes, "speculation about SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is bedevilled by the trap of anthropocentrism - a tendency to use 21st-century human civilisation as a model for what an extraterrestrial civilization would be like.
Key "learning concepts" in the new Social Justice course include "ableism, ageism, anthropocentrism, consumerism, cultural imperialism, extremism, feminism, fundamentalism, heterosexism, humanism, racism, sexism and speciesism.
blaming the devil does not help since God has ultimate control over Satan), Redefining God (justice in tension with mercy, punishment for sin as blaming the victim), and Shifting to the Human Scene (suffering as atonement, resurrection, or is anthropocentrism the problem?
To what extent is it true that the anthropocentrism of Christianity, especially in the west, has contributed to reckless exploitation of the planet since the beginning of the industrial era?
She pointed out that the environmental movement is part of the larger counter-hegemonic discourse which includes opposition to capitalism, "patriarchy, homophobia, racism, anthropocentrism and scientism.