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an inclination to evaluate reality exclusively in terms of human values

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The biblical text of Genesis 1:28, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it," has been interpreted to strengthen this androcentric and anthropocentric view.
Article 55 is anthropocentric in that the protection of the environment
The MAN-MADE project will contribute to the achievement of best in class performance, making available advanced anthropocentric workplace technologies, that also support a considerable improvement of worker integration in the social environment.
1) Naude's photographic portraits (figures) of domestic animals (mules, AfriCanis (2) dogs, and bulls) are subject to the colonising action of figurative anthropocentric rhetoric--"animal autobiography" (Derrida 2002: 405) and "animetaphor" (Lippit: 1998: 1112-1113) actions--powerfully realised in the viewer's perception and reception of animal representation.
To be sure, Kasper can come across as defensive ("We do not worship Mary"), narrow (the conversation partners in his notes are mostly European men), and anthropocentric, with little attention paid to the implications for mercy in the growing focus on creation.
Primarily set in this virtual world of the massive multiplayer online game called "OASIS - the Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation" - the story describes a future where the energy crisis has peaked, the Great Recession never ended, and the world of 2044 is a grim place to be.
We were surprised to find that even the older children in our study were sensitive to the anthropocentric portrayals of animals in the books and attributed more human characteristics to animals after being exposed to fantastical books than after being exposed to realistic books," she said.
The author argues that Hemingway's text demonstrates the tensions between anthropocentric and ecocentric worldviews through depictions of nature that reflect and rebuff human desire.
The lack of subject T renders this, for Potts, an ecologically aware alternative to Yeats' anthropocentric 'The Wild Swans at Code' (p.
Primavesi argues the tradition has undermined respect for biodiversity through an anthropocentric bias and a distorted, imperial view of God.
of Warsaw, Poland) presents an anthropocentric approach to intercultural and interlingual communication and then examines the arenas of corporate communications and global virtual teams before focusing on the method, data, and results of her empirical study.
His poem examines subjects like beauty, the creation of the universe, the anthropocentric necessity of creating and obeying gods, and the scientific notions of what is today referred to as atomism.
From this perspective, even the sense that nature is something that we wish to but cannot inhabit, that we wish to but cannot name, comes to seem anthropocentric.
His statement, noticeably, contains the undertones of not just a denunciation of the anthropocentric facets like "individual limitations," "categories" and "roles;" but also of an unassuming merger with the world of rudimentary matter of which the waverer thinks himself to be an evolutionised and mutated part.
He is thoroughly part of his time, which was modernist and humanist (even a tad tough to digest because it now reads so dated and naively utopian), and hence squarely anthropocentric because there was really no other language to introduce such topics at the time.