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a hard natural coal that burns slowly and gives intense heat

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Despite being surrounded by abundant anthracite coal, the works was importing bituminous coal up the Swansea Canal to make coke for use in its single blast furnace.
Anthracite output in the EU also fell from a rate of 128 million tonnes in 2012 to 114 million tonnes in 2013.
The new facility will produce sizes of anthracite from fine anthracite in partnership with current producers.
uk) | Aperture metal collage photo frame, PS60, Next | Aperture metal collage photo frame, PS60, Next | Pendant light, PS40, BHS | Pendant light, PS40, BHS | Pendant light, PS40, BHS | Pendant light, PS40, BHS | County Gradstripe rug in anthracite (120 x 170Cm), PS49.
Anthracite Lads: A True Story of the Fables Molly Maguires is a unique book that strives to reexamine a facet of American History in a new light.
Labor unrest in the anthracite coal fields of northeastern Pennsylvania was legion and legendary.
Nafziger of the Albany Research Center recalled previous studies that showed that calcined anthracite had been used in some foundries as a successful foundry coke substitute.
AEXE is pleased to announce that it is moving forward to bring the Anthracite Coal Project into production.
North Korea's exports of anthracite coal to China rose 15.
The agreement has EESTech provisioning environmentally sustainable mine site remediation services which incorporates EESTech's proprietary HCGT "waste to energy" platform to provide the energy required to power the Blue Drop Water System for mine site water purification and the WRAM system for the upgrading of waste anthracite into a commercially saleable export product.
Delivery of 40 000 pieces bulk bins (GMT) 80 l, anthracite gray body and cover.
Blaschak Coal Corporation reported a record year in coal mine production and sales in 2011 and expects to produce a record 1 million tons of coal in 2012, as global and residential demand for anthracite coal continues to rise.
Blaschak Coal Corporation today announced that it has completed the acquisition of a processing plant and secured long-term rights to mine high-quality anthracite coal in Latimer, PA.
Chris Milner, Chief Executive Officer of Anthracite, stated, "We are extremely pleased to have Kathleen join the Board of Directors.
and reference the Anthracite Teleconference Call (number 39786858).