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a collection of selected literary passages

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The Anthology does feature several pre-set courses that can be used 'as is' by an instructor or modified as needed.
uk All entries will be judged in the summer, with the winning entries featuring in the 2016 anthology.
Watson's poetry selections for his influential anthology, Our Canadian Literature (1922), co-edited with Lorne Pierce, the skeptical tack allows Lecker to skewer editors with delightful aplomb:
The retrospective Modernist anthology antiques Modernism's abortive, cosmopolitan optimism for our own fantasias of network society.
If there is a caveat regarding this anthology, then it must concern the omission of specific materials.
Comprising the works of a whopping 175 poets, this chronologically ordered anthology opens with selections from Edgar Lee Masters's Spoon River Anthology.
In addition to general features, there is one particular tool aimed specifically at teaching faculty to aid their use of the Anthology in the classroom.
I hope that the essays in Raphael's anthology do not meet this fate.
It will be the first time the school has produced a poetry anthology.
Conspiracy expert Kenn Thomas presents Parapolitics: Conspiracy In Contemporary America, an anthology of his writings originally published outside his usual magazine "Steamshovel Press", plus assorted gatherings from his web site and lectures.
Edited by award-winning poet Alfred Nicol, The Powow River Anthology is an anthology of contemporary poetry by 24 members of the prestigious Powow River Poets.
Pity the beleaguered anthology series, which once was a television staple but lately has found it rough going.
Connecting Lines: New Poetry from Mexico is an anthology of contemporary poetry by a variety of Mexican authors.
The Oxford Anthology of African-American Poetry Edited by Arnold Rampersad and Hilary Herbold Oxford University Press, October 2005 $32.
The Anthology and the Rise of the Novel from Richardson to George Eliot.