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an editor who makes selections for an anthology

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More crucially, Canadian anthologists themselves, argues Lecker, figure themselves, intentionally or not, "as culture keepers, as secular agents vested with the responsibility of transmitting national archetypes and tropes" (11).
Consequently, the anthologist offers classical feminist references in 'Bibliografia Selecta.
of Waterloo, Canada) provide a literary biography and critical commentary on the work of science fiction writer, editor, and anthologist Judith Merril (1923-1997), addressing her fiction, anthologies, essays, reviews, and leadership in the field in the US, England, Japan, and Canada, as well as the late reception of her work, particularly the literary value and impact of her memoir.
Bill is reading, aside from his usual stacks of poetry, Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones and The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker.
Later efforts include Vox (1992), The Fermata (1994), and The Anthologist (2009).
On the other, the prudish anthologist excised passages which might offend the conventional, so losing some of the vigor of the originals.
THOSE simple yet poignant words of American quotation anthologist Terri Guillemets could not sum up better the past year for Llandudno Football Club.
AWARD-WINNING POET, anthologist, and critic Reginald Shepherd died from cancer almost two years ago, in the early fall of 2008.
The anthologist presents the historical, cultural, and literary facts in a very traditional manner.
Leaving Robin with nuns, she fled into divorce and back to England, bed-sitter living, stress and unhappiness, in Blitz-raked London, 1944, scraping a Grub Street style survival as critic, anthologist, biographer, general literary factotum.
Mailer has always been an inspired anthologist of his own work.
Somerset Maugham attended medical school and gave up a promising career to become a grand master playwright novelist essayist critic short story writer anthologist and travel writer.
The reviewer of Twentieth-Century German Poetry, edited by Michael Hofmann, must assess Hofmann both as translator--a great many of the translations are by him--and as anthologist.
Although championed by critic and anthologist Louis Untermeyer, Oppenheim was as distant in temperament and style from Reznikoff as one could imagine.
I like to keep an open mind," says the horror story anthologist.