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an editor who makes selections for an anthology

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Indefatigable anthologist Louis Untermeyer (the Library of Congress lists well over 100 different entries) described the worst of the Victorian period as being a time "of smugness, of placid and pious sentimentality" (Modern British Poetry 1920: xii), leaving a situation at the end of the nineteenth century in which "[t]he passionate urge had spent itself, and in its place there remained nothing but that minor form of art which concerns itself less with creation than with re-creation" (Modern American Poetry 1930: 13).
Building a Lyric Canon: Gabriel Giolito and the Rival Anthologists, 1545-1590.
These small conceits, which only an anthologist can smile about, make it hard for us to truly retire.
At times, Strassberg seems reluctant to go beyond the model set by the Chinese anthologists in providing explanatory notes.
Jason Shinder, poet and anthologist, died of cancer on April 25,2005, at age 52, in New York.
Atwood, who was asked to contribute a piece to the volume--every Canadian anthologist would kill for a contribution by Atwood and she is generous in her response to such requests--but who says, alas, she could not write the piece.
But what of the other Amises--including Amis the anthologist (The New Oxford Book of Light Verse, The Faber Popular Reciter), Amis the gastronome (On Drink), and Amis the critic (Rudyard Kipling and His World)?
Surrealism was his life and he became an editor, anthologist, translator of the avante-garde in modern French literature and was a member of the College de Pataphysique, a group of intellectuals, whose purpose was to promulgate the works of Alfred Jarry, the French writer and mocker of bourgeois conventions.
Price notes that each of Richardson's novels takes an anthologist for its heroine, and that Richardson retrospectively defined the original edition of Clarissa as an abridgment by claiming to recuperate in later editions passages he had left out of the first.
This is a pity, because Palgrave did what no later anthologist has dared to do: to sneak pop songs into his collection.
On the Art of Reading and Writing" are the collected lectures of Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, a renowned critic, scholar and editor -- as well as the anthologist of the "Oxford Book of English Verse," which Bartleby.
Alberto Manguel is a prominent editor, anthologist, novelist, translator, and bibliophile, with an international reputation based, not least, on his wide-ranging literary interests and his output in several languages.
This poetic tradition needed an exemplar - in the words of one early anthologist, "a bard who sang democracy, our great citizenship, God-love, and the comradeship of the throbbing, suffering, hoping, majestic human heart" (qtd.
He is also a fine anthologist and creator of original texts.