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a collection of selected literary passages

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The anthologies have swelled in size and spawned multiple volumes and are now more conveniently pulled behind you in a wagon than carried in hand.
Burning City takes very seriously this injunction against scrubbing or sanitizing "metonymic associations," insisting like few anthologies before it on vanguard poetries as intricate and international networks of coincidences and contiguities organized around music halls and cabarets, matinee icons, late night libations, telephony and telegraphy, postcards, and Baedecker guides.
Anthologies are assigned by teachers and sold to students with incredibly diverse creative impulses and personal backgrounds.
The inclusion of recordings is not within the immediate scope of this project--though it is hinted at in the Heuchemer review noted above (16) -- but could allow libraries to present a complete package to music students in their introductory courses as a substitute for the packaged anthologies and recordings that many students currently purchase.
In his introduction, Raphael explains that The Columbia History of Jews and Judaism is different from previous anthologies about American Jewish history, particularly in its organization and composition.
In Chapter Two, "Cultures of the Commonplace," Price suggests that anthologies created a common culture forged by the ubiquity of a few standard collections.
It has become customary that poets, critics, and even philosophers compose anthologies of poems of their choice.
The Norton and the Longman anthologies of English literature (both widely used in survey courses) touch on the facts of gender discrimination and the opportunities and lack thereof for women and outline the changing conditions within the periods covered.
Canons by Consensus: Critical Trends and American Literary Anthologies.
Widely acknowledged as a cog in the machinery of canon formation, anthologies can, and frequently do, spark heated debate among literary scholars (witness the controversy surrounding Linda Hutcheon and Marion Richmond's Other Solitudes: Canadian Multicultural Fictions, published in 1990, which came under attack for, according to some, its uncritical embrace of multiculturalism).
After little more than a decade of enormously consequential work -- including anthologies of texts, editions, major critical assessments, critical anthologies, bibliographies -- the desire that women writers should be seen as contributors to English Renaissance literature should be uncontentious.
To judge from the competing anthologies of Abrams and Greenblatt on the one hand (2000) and Damrosch on the other (1999), the anthological acceptance of the "essay canon" has indeed happened at a gallop--there are suddenly thousands of pages of nonfiction prose in the benchmark Norton and the Longman British literature anthologies.
In retrospect, I might have expected some such response, for Norton anthologies are widely perceived as cultural icons.