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a collection of selected literary passages

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Or when, in a discussion of present-day anthologies like William Bennett's The Book of Virtues, Price refers to the "reinvention of tradition that has become traditional among anthologists" (71).
As a supplement to anthologies of Canadian literature that too often under-represent the rich and varied voices of Alberta, this book belongs on the syllabi of Canadian literature university courses but would also provide high school students, especially high school students in Alberta who need to study stories about their place, with a solid introduction to the prose literature of this province.
Nineteenth-century anthologies were overwhelmingly of the "gems" variety, sporting such titles as Fifty Perfect Poems (1883), A Thousand and One Gems of English Poetry (1867), The Golden Pomp (1895), The Young Man's Book of Elegant Poetry (1835), and Nightingale Valley (1860).
Anthologies are deponent in relationship to corpuses, "taken from (the grammatical counterpart)" as in the "deponent verbs" familiar to students of Latin: a deponent verb has a passive form with an active meaning, but with no corresponding active form to supply a passive meaning, which is thereby impossible for that verb.
The anthologies replicate not only the networking milieu of social media but also that of the college poetry circuit, which pervades creative writing like the NCAA does college sports.
BiblioBoard provides access to historical Anthologies that explore places, events, people and themes from across the centuries.
Rarely are scenes from the play presented in anthologies, but in choosing the first act, readers will certainly seek out the entire play and perhaps long to see it revived.
This comparative analysis demonstrates differences between the two anthologies in such elements as their titles, covers, contents, numbers of pages, treatments of language diversity, and integrations of non-print media.
95) The people who brought you the His and Hers anthologies present this blend of genre-defying writings by both prominent and nascent gay authors.
One of the real values of Andrew Ashfield's anthologies is exactly this sense of continuing, open possibility.
Indeed, this work is much more comprehensive than other anthologies, especially with regard to Spanish composers and instrumental works.
Influences of these attitudes are reflected in critical studies as well as in anthologies of African American literature.
He therefore includes court entertainments written by Chapman, Campion, Daniel, Carew, Davenant, and Aurelian Townshend, texts often omitted from anthologies and critical attention.
Patrick's Day there are three new books: one landmark reference work - "The Oxford Companion to Irish Literature" - and two lively anthologies, "The Vintage Book of Contemporary Irish Fiction" and "Ireland's Women: Writings Past and Present.
Unlike those two earlier anthologies, The Columbia Anthology of modern Chinese Literature leaves out drama, but it covers several decades of writing instead of limiting its scope to only a narrow slice of the twentieth century, as is more typical of multiauthor collections of modem Chinese writing.