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a mound of earth made by ants as they dig their nest

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The high dilution preparations were prepared according to the methodology described in the Brazilian Homeopathic Pharmacopeia (Brasil, 1997) as biotherapeutic preparations/nosodes using the samples of individuals from the 28 anthills from each experiment.
Medically speaking, the swelling might indeed have been caused by the anthill - not by the nuno inhabitant but by the ants, or other insects, biting you.
This is what the old man of Abazon in Anthills of the Savannah means when he says that the story, memory, is our escort: "It is the story that outlives the sound of war-drums and the exploits of brave fighters.
Anthills of the Savannah exposes the problematics of masculinity in postcolonial Africa whose leaders through military governance are associated with the model of the warrior.
In the political novel Anthills of the Savannah, which is to be considered in this paper, Chinua Achebe has deftly refracted the rise of new Nigerian women, who are generation changers.
However, Achebe's paradigm shift in his refraction of womanhood culminates in the creation of Beatrice, one of the protagonists of Anthills of the Savannah - the true spirit and heart of the novel--and a quintessence of Achebe's radical thinking on the political roles of women in postcolonial Nigeria (Africa).
Having no teeth, using instead long sticky tongues to lick up ants from anthills and juices out of fruits, some species are known to eat up to 35,000 ants and insects each day.
SGM Drumm was born on the Island of Curacao, Netherlands Anthills, and raised on the Island of St.
3,900 cattle have their grazing lands tapered to anthills and 1,470 gardens are destroyed, an administrator told a team of reporters Monday at Payam headquarters (16 miles north of Jonglei capital Bor).
Next time you come visiting India, you could well plan your itinerary in the vast, crumbling maze of eroded earth and rock - the monumental anthills in the Chambal River Valley are getting ready to host you.
But today, in summertime, there are fireweed flowers to pick and anthills to watch and coffee-can boats to float in the river.
Chimps in some communities, for example, plunge long sticks into anthills and then eat the clumps of ants that cling to the sticks.
And then I wondered how I, as a pacifist, a jogger who steps around anthills, was creating these warriors.
Near Betws y Coed flycatchers arrive annually in the great oaks and beeches to feed on insects above the gorge of the River Conwy, and from the Coed Cadw ancient woodlands around Dinas Powys green woodpeckers feed on anthills in the back garden.