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a mound of earth made by ants as they dig their nest

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Prasad Vanga, an Investor with Hyderabad Angels and founder of Anthill Ventures would be taking on the role of an Advisor at BuyTestSeries.
Alternative Nest and Trading/Training Hub for Ingenious/Indigenous Little Livelihood or ANTHILL helps local weavers and artisans across the country to grow and develop their own local enterprises while keeping our traditional materials and homegrown skills alive.
Among the topics are southern African reflections on sacred space and the ritual of the anthill, the Harmelen railway disaster memorial as an example of a postponed and contested memorial, economic versus symbolic ownership of sacred sites in the eastern Free State, pop and rock festivals as sacred sites, and the digital monument to the Jewish community in the Netherlands.
Pouring scalding hot water on an anthill usually gets rid of ants.
All of this means that a seedling that germinates from a seed that was lucky enough to land on the sweet, rich soil of an anthill will often get a head-start in the race for the canopy.
the ant's nest" shows Simon's Cat holding a magnifying glass over an anthill - but flying, swarming ants surround him in a frenzy (to the delight of some nearby ant-snacking birds)
The Anthill in the Sea By: Atukwei Okai Illustrations by: Philip Amonoo
A FIVE-A-SIDE team from Huddersfield can claim to be the best in the county after being crowned champions at the inaugural West Riding 5ives event, Anthill Mob headed to the tournament at the West Riding FA's Woodlesford ground as winners of the Thursday Premier League at Soccer City in Waterloo for the seventh time.
Hundreds of ants poured from a nearby anthill and gathered before her.
Wilson's recent novel, Anthill, provides a relevant example of the literary application of some of the principles of systems theory.
Amelia is the most active and athletic ant on the anthill.
So many of us live our busy little ant-hill lives without ever noticing the gigantic universe beyond the anthill.
In this vital way, it resembled the great human anthill above and around it.
It, seems I kicked over an anthill with those Doomsday Gun comments in the Sept/Oct Guncrank.