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the male sex organ of spore-producing plants

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If nutrition and light is adequate, and the density of the gametophytes is moderate, more bisexual prothalli will appear early; otherwise, archegonia are formed later, usually one month or more after the antheridial prothalli appear.
Similar female gametophytes with antheridial lobes were reported in Bommeria (Haufler and Gastony, 1978), a genus in which the existence of an antheridiogen system has been demonstrated.
Differences among species include spore size, germination time, formation time of the gametangia, gametophyte margin shape, number of archegonial neck cells and shapes of the antheridial dehiscence.
The combination of characters of hair type and position, margin, antheridial structure, shapes of the antheridial dehiscence, antherozoid liberation, and number of archegonial neck cells were used by Atkinson (1973), Pryer et al, (1995), and Perez-Garcia and Mendoza-Ruiz (2004) to delimit subgenera, species, or groups of species within the Thelypteridaceae.
Each antheridium had one opercular cell in the antheridial jacket at the gametophyte surface (Fig.