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Treatment with anthelminthics (praziquantel for most; bithionol, paromomycin, or sodium amidotrizoate and meglumine amidotrizoate [Gastrografin; Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Berlin, Germany] for a few with older cases) showed that 69 (95%) of 73 patients were infected with 1 tapeworm, 2 were infected with 2 tapeworms, and 2 were infected with 3 tapeworms.
LECTURER Dr Philip Cain TALK Gillian Butler will raise her concerns over resistance to anthelminthics ENTHUSIAST Andrew Jamieson, a rural business consultant at George F White is urging farmers to attend the agricultural seminars ANIMAL WELFARE The subject of worm resistance will be addressed at the seminar
Mrs Butler will be focusing on research she has carried out at the university's Nafferton Farm and with commercial farms and is especially keen to ensure farmers are aware of issues with anthelminthics - a type of drug used to expel parasitic worms.
Other therapies include analgesics, antibiotics and anthelminthics.
15,16) While surveys in Ghana and Tanzania reveal the potential some school health programmes such as provision of anthelminthics and micronutrient supplements have for improving the health and education of school children, (17) South Africa uses the health promoting schools movement to address the historical inequities brought on by several years of apartheid policies.