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of amnesia


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De Lorenzo (1970) demonstrated that intra-nasally instilled silver-coated colloidal gold particles (50 nm) translocate anterogradely in the axons of the olfactory nerves to the olfactory bulbs.
In turn, newly synthesized somatic proteins may be transported anterogradely back to synapses, where they are captured and utilized preferentially at synapses previously treated with 5-HT, thus producing LTSSF.
In turn, macromolecules synthesized in the soma, which are either constitutively expressed or induced by retrograde signals from the 5-HT-treated synapse, might be transported anterogradely back to the synapse to produce and sustain LTF.
In the control axons (n = 6), tubulin diffused while simultaneously being transported anterogradely (to the right in Fig.
Real-time imaging of neurons retrogradely and anterogradely labeled with calcium-sensitive dyes.
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