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18 Notably, labial access cavity preparation in anterior teeth has been described in the literature, and it is indicated in instances of teeth crowding (when the lingual/palatal surface is not accessible), extensive labial decay, and unusual shape/curvature of the root canal.
Popular choices for DPC in anterior teeth were CHC (GD: 44%; PD 23%) and CHP (GD: 33%, PD: 51%), followed by MTA (GD: 17%; PD: 18%).
However, aesthetics of the anterior teeth are very important aspects of human appearance and could be affected by many factors including the presence of fillings, tooth color, position, alignment, shape and number (12-16).
Due to young age, patient was insisting for esthetic correction of anterior teeth only.
aheuheullensis Mejia-Madrid and Perez-Ponce de Leon, 2003 by having 10 anterior teeth and bifurcate deirids.
Therefore, it is cardinal to establish a relationship between the gingival parameters like the width of keratinized gingiva and the thickness of gingiva with the periodontal status in the anterior teeth region.
Anterior Bolton Ratio: (Sum of Mandibular 6 X anterior teeth / Sum of Maxillary 6 anterior teeth) X 100
Also, 48% of the teeth extracted due to trauma were anterior teeth, while 11% were posterior teeth (P <.
Modifications included to increase the lengths and thicknesses of the facial contours of the maxillary anterior teeth, with incisal edge positions based on the position of the lower lip at full smile.
In our study it was found that majority of the caries were in anterior teeth and upper jaw as compared to posterior and lower jaw.
This nurse is known as the "Tooth Fairy" because her young students prefer her, rather than their parents, to remove their wiggly anterior teeth.
In the present study, permanent anterior teeth in the maxillary and mandibular arch were examined for TDI.
Its molars had elaborate rows of cusps for chewing on plants, and some of its anterior teeth possessed large cusps that allowed it to eat insects and worms, perhaps even other small vertebrates.
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