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the posterior part of the mandible that is more or less vertical

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24), the DSN originated from the fifth cervical anterior ramus in 75.
They found that the DSN came from the anterior ramus of C5 and made a loop around the deep branch of the cervical artery suggesting a possible mechanism of compression.
The clade formed by Anteophthalmosuchus (Node 5) is well supported (Bremer = 2; bootstrap [equivalent to] 60 %) and is defined by the following unambiguous synapomorphies: orbits with a strong dorsal component; anterior ramus of jugal below orbit forming a narrow band of bone; palpebrals small and robust; rectangular palpebrals.
The DON has an extensive rostral-caudal distribution in the lateral medulla between the entrances of the anterior ramus of cranial nerve VIII and cranial nerve X [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1A OMITTED].
A small craniotomy was made directly over the anterior ramus of the VIIIth nerve.
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