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Synonyms for antepenultimate

the 3rd syllable of a word counting back from the end

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third from last

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In the latter case, the stress moves on the antepenultimate syllable.
Fern leaf terminology is mostly a hierarchal system that describes a leaf from its base to its tip (Gifford and Foster, 1989; Andersen and Ollgaard, 1996) except for the terms penultimate and antepenultimate which are used to describe the second and third segment basiscopically from the ultimate segment, respectfully.
The antepenultimate and penultimate reflections concern Augustine, with G.
So he obscures the next-to-last, as well as the antepenultimate.
In the antepenultimate stanza, Arnold returns, like the speakers in many Romantic poems, to the landscape that began the meditation, a return that leads to a resolution:
The grandfather becomes a guardian of the threshold, "a crocodile belonging to the antepenultimate generation" (197), and like the crocodiles of Isis and Osiris in the Confessions, he also becomes a judge of De Quincey's guilt over his dalliance with Miss Fanny, and thus linked to a mythic history past remembrance.
It uses the factoid accuracies to rank answers corresponding to factoid questions and the definition accuracies for ranking the answers for definition questions (refer to the antepenultimate and penultimate columns of Table 2.
The awareness of the diversity of the self abounds in the poem, specifically in the antepenultimate stanza: "Chegado aqui, onde hoje estou, conheco / Que sou diverso no que informe estou.
3+ syllabic) words is the antepenultimate syllable (see Table 4).
There are only 23 listings for -able, for example, but most of the -ables I could think of have antepenultimate accents, which disenables them.
Theridion, Erigone, and Meioneta, because of their small size, were sorted into a single class of immatures, in addition to penultimate males and adults; antepenultimate male Erigone and Meioneta were distinguishable based on a slight enlargement of the pedipalps.
Since the word-final syllable is left extrametric under some conditions, at least at the stage where primary stress is assigned, this results in primary stress on the antepenultimate, the penultimate, or the final syllable (e.
2 times longer than penultimate segment, tapering distally, with some spines on truncate distal margin; lateral surface of ultimate segment longitudinally carinate, with row of stiff setae; cross section trigonal; antepenultimate segment flattened dorsoventrally, with numerous heavily plumose setae on margins and with prominent cluster of long setulose setae on low elevation at proximomesial part; coxa heavily setose, with large, bilobed epipod; no strap-like process on epipod.
with a single main stress on the antepenultimate syllable (e.
Although only the alliterative binome yutau [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], "melancholy," is common to both lines, the borrowing is significant since both occur as the 38th, and antepenultimate, line of their respective poems.