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occurring or existing before birth

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35%) cases of antepartum haemorrhage had a history of previous LSCS.
Her study examined the relationship between maternal antepartum depression and the cumulative lifetime incidence of mood disorders in the offspring cohort aged 43 years.
Of the 14 nurses who completed questionnaires, all viewed yoga as beneficial to their patients, none found it disruptive to providing patient care, and all indicated they would recommend an inpatient prenatal yoga program to other hospitals with an antepartum service.
13) A summary of studies assessing NAAT's performance at antepartum or intrapartum, with antepartum enriched broth enriched culture as the reference, shows mixed results, but mostly supports the conclusion that NAAT sensitivity is significantly improved with broth enrichment culture.
Low education levels of mother and father, not receiving antepartum BF education, random BF, rare BF at night, nipple problems, bottle/pacifier use, and lack of social support were found as variables associated with early cessation of BF.
Cesarean section was done for the women with major degree placenta previa or minor degree placenta previa with antepartum hemorrhage and obstetric indication.
Research has been conducted to discover an effective method to detect, analyze, and deal with adnexal masses during the antepartum period.
The purpose of this station was to acquaint students with the antepartum and laboring patient.
Most of chapter two addresses Kelly's film-loop installation, Antepartum (1974).
The majority of perinatal deaths (261/322, 81%) occurred among women with antepartum onset of HDP.
In 2010 Cleveland Clinic opened a nine room high risk antepartum unit and level three NICU.
Objectives: To evaluate foetal heart rate pattern during antepartum period in pregnancies suffering from intra- uterine growth restriction.
Oligohydramnios is frequent occurrence and demands intensive fetal surveillance and proper antepartum and intrapartum care.
She said that healthcare professionals should therefore consider asking about pregnancy at early antepartum visits to screen for unintended pregnancy as women who report that their pregnancy was unintended or unwanted may benefit from earlier or more targeted screening both during and following pregnancy.
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