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  • verb

Synonyms for antedate

to come, exist, or occur before in time

Synonyms for antedate

be earlier in time

establish something as being earlier relative to something else

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Perhaps Jewish language shift antedates the existence of a Jewish community.
Scott makes a case for saying that the Meno antedates the Gorgias; in this way he can disarm the apparent conflict between the admiration Socrates shows for Themistocles and Pericles in the Meno--they may not have been able to teach virtue to their sons, but it is conceded that they had true beliefs and thus had virtue in an attenuated way--and his condemnation of them in the Gorgias, by claiming that the latter rests on a 'deeper' analysis of political virtue than was available to him in the Meno.
7) This antedates by 125 years the earliest example of the verb 'revive' in the theatrical sense recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary, which does however give an instance of the noun 'revival' from 1664.
Just as the animus between Greeks and Turks antedates the Ottoman Empire, the Shahnameh's guarded view of present Iran's neighbors took form long before the ShiaSunni split in the eighth century.
This finding "clearly support[s] the conclusion that subtle neurologic dysfunction in PTSD does not reflect brain damage acquired along with the PTSD but instead represents a familial vulnerability factor, which likely antedates the traumatic exposure," the investigators said.
But the possibility that only one of the types antedates the year 74 AH/AD 693-4 should not be dismissed lightly.
Because he antedates the majority of the history and thinking that both Hosle and I presuppose and seek to comprehend, his searching questions can keep both of us honest.
The Ballets Russes antedates this philosophy, and its dancers are full of broad expression and seething passion.
Furthermore, the findings "certainly fit with the sense that a period of systemic inflammation antedates the clinical diagnosis of RA, and this systemic inflammatory burden increases cardiovascular risk," said Mary Chester Wasko, M.
Low urinary PIGF antedates the clinical diagnosis of preeclampsia and may serve as a screening test to predict who will develop early-onset disease," Dr.
The convention of extralegality for a just cause antedates the advent of hard-boiled heroes.
This use of the adjective peckish antedates the previous first-known example, an entry in Francis Grose's Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, by just over seventy years.