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Synonyms for antecedently

at an earlier time or formerly


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For they both require Socrates' interlocutors to ignore the face with which those interlocutors were antecedently preoccupied.
Forward secrecy means, once a user's authority is expired, or a user's secret is compromised, he/she ought to be prevented from accessing the plaintext of the shared information which will be antecedently accessed by him/her.
The concept KANGAROO is not definable in terms of antecedently available primitives using the combinatorial machinery of logic.
Note that natural institutions on this concept are just associations that provide goods that could not have been willed antecedently because the subject of willing them does not exist or does not exist as stipulated--prior to the group.
This is because, like everyone else, politicians are subject to confirmation bias--the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's antecedently held beliefs.
Enzyme has antecedently been reported to utilize as pain killer and anti-inflammatory potential against symptoms of acute allergic rubor like headache and tooth pain with no harmful effect.
The spirit of seriousness assumes (1) that there are transcendent values that exist antecedently to humans, and (2) that the value of a thing is part of the actual being of the valued thing.
With a careful analysis of why Sandel's theory of justice and individual moral development is superior to that of Rawls, Christians argues: "Our selves [we as individuals as assumed by Rawls] are presumed to be constituted antecedently, that is, in advance of our engagement with others.
The presupposition that the ministers who are being passively deceived in this way are antecedently corrupt is vital, for it illustrates that Han Feizi is not advocating amoral lying merely so that a ruler can acquire more power, but so that a virtuous ruler who might find himself besieged by vicious intrigue can still maintain order and peace.
universal rights to goods and services and the corresponding obligations to provide them cannot be antecedently identifiable in the same way that liberty [negative] rights and their corresponding obligations are antecedently identifiable.
If the labor market is aggressive, a rise in the minimum wage diminishes employment of employees antecedently earning the minimum, but if the labor market is monopsonistic, slight rises in the minimum wage could advance both employment and earnings of concerned employees.
6) Titelbaum, siguiendo a Cohen ("Basic knowledge"), lo expresa del siguiente modo: "a theory will permit bootstrapping just in case it allows a source to give an agent justification without that agent's being antecedently justified in believing the source is reliable.
When, therefore, in the Dutch booklet, whose covering note is dated 21 May 1609, he says "Ea quae in GALLIJS et ANGLIA adnotata, pecul[iari] et designat[o] libello conscripsimus" [Those that (are) in France and England I recorded, with annotations, in a separate and especially prepared booklet], and states this in a planned headnote on the page where, further down, the notes on Frisia begin, this not only makes it clear that this booklet must itself be a copy, but also makes it antecedently probable that the booklet on France and England was such another, not an original.
Or more modestly, to clear a new path to Platonism for fellow travelers: those of us antecedently equipped with a permissive, pragmatic attitude toward ontological commitment.
30) Alfred North Whitehead, a Renaissance man in his own right, may have been one of the first to have acknowledged Christianity's influence upon science, when he matter-of-factly maintained in 1925 that "faith in the possibility of science, generated antecedently to the development of modern scientific theory, is an unconscious derivative from medieval theology.