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The neurological examination revealed a pleasant, moderately obese female with an antalgic gait, favoring the left leg.
On clinical examination, the patient had antalgic gait and right hip was painful with passive internal rotation and abduction with restricted range of motion.
Alternatively, the drift may be antalgic, to avoid moving into an impingement position through mid to late range.
On physical examination, he walked with a secure, stable gait, without antalgic component.
His gait was not antalgic, but he reported moderate thigh and foot pain when standing for 3 hours or more.
Typical symptoms include pain, antalgic gait, locking, and a restricted range of motion.
Physical examination revealed an antalgic gait, painful range of motion for the left hip, mild pain to palpation in the left groin, and a glove and stocking decrease for pinprick in the lower limbs.