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Synonyms for antagonize



Synonyms for antagonize

act in opposition to

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Baynas Tablet is an agent that antagonizes prostaglandin D2 and thromboxane A2 receptors, which cause allergic rhinitis.
Milo Ventimiglia ("Gilmore Girls") plays Richard, a bratty, privileged recovering drunk who once dated and now antagonizes both Sarah and Natalie and seeks to get cozy with his professor's ex.
The influenza B virus nonstructural NS1 protein is essential for efficient viral growth and antagonizes beta interferon induction.
This determined, feisty girl stands up to anyone who antagonizes her, even two persistent mutineers from the colonial army who try to steal her beloved horse.
Instead, we must end our interventionist foreign policy that needlessly antagonizes foreign populations.
It not only antagonizes allies, it also shoots down three decades of nuclear arms control.
And, above all, it further antagonizes the nationalists in Russia.
FOLMOR should not be given to patients taking levodopa, as the B6 vitamin antagonizes the action of levodopa.
KW-6002 is a promising agent that selectively antagonizes the adenosine A2A receptor.
Along the way, Monk goes undercover as a teacher (bad idea) and antagonizes a gym teacher (worse idea).
12 binds to tumor cells that express CD40 and antagonizes (prevents) CD40 ligand-mediated growth and survival of malignant B cells.