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Synonyms for antagonize



Synonyms for antagonize

act in opposition to

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It was left to the losing side in the House vote to point out, as Indiana Republican Mike Pence did, that now is probably not the best time to antagonize Ankara.
This is because influenza viruses, like many other viruses, encode mechanisms to evade and antagonize the IFN[alpha]/[beta] response (14).
In contrast, these same PCBs antagonized SXR, blocking the expression of target genes and inhibiting the human body's ability to physiologically counteract harmful effects of exposure (several less stable PCBs did not antagonize SXR, however).
Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York University (New York, NY) has patented attenuated negative-strand RNA viruses having an impaired ability to antagonize the cellular interferon (IFN) response, and the use of such attenuated viruses in vaccine and pharmaceutical formulations.
Ibuprofen may antagonize the cardio-protective effects of aspirin in patients with established CVD, the researchers said.
When asked if Antigua's vote for Japan's position at the International Whaling Commission was a factor in the country receiving the grant aid, Browne replied: "If we were to antagonize them I imagine that they would not be so anxious to assist us.
The victory margin would have been even larger if it included a number of Democrats in tough re-election races who were prepared to support PNTR but were given a pass by the White House so they wouldn't unnecessarily antagonize local unions by casting "yes" votes that weren't vital.
Of course it might be impolitic to antagonize these groups.
The value of native plant and animal species may still be unclear to western agriculturists but their preservation becomes mandatory in order to antagonize the risks of genetic erosion.
Tibi, a prolific scholar of Islam and Arab politics, repeatedly warns against the abuse of his argument: "we must never lose sight of the distinction between Islam and Islamic fundamentalism; any promotion of hostility to Islam itself in the guise of a clash of civilizations would unwittingly play into the hands of the fundamentalists in their efforts to antagonize the West" (p.
She still had hopes of being reinstated, and she feared that if she gave another interview she would further antagonize the company's management.
Since Aldus sued the Giunta press in 1507 and 1514 for their pirating of his titles, it would have made little sense for the Giunti to antagonize Aldus further by printing another of his titles.
Under the terms of the agreement, ImmuNext will grant Janssen a worldwide, exclusive license to develop and commercialize therapeutics that antagonize the V-region immunoglobulin-containing suppressor of T-cell activation (VISTA) signaling pathway.
The danger of an American-led Asian ''umbrella club,'' theoretically protected from any missiles - we say ''theoretically'' because of the technology's poor track record - is that it would unnecessarily isolate and antagonize China.
University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand) and Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (New York, NY) have patented a method for using a viral VEGF-like protein from the orf virus strain NZ2 and from the orf virus strain NZ10 to bind to the extracellular domain of the VEGF receptor-2 to form bioactive complexes which mediate useful cellular responses and/or antagonize undesired biological activities.