antagonistic muscle

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(physiology) a muscle that opposes the action of another

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As possible factors limiting maximal activation in antagonistic muscles during co-contraction, the influences of inhibitory systems occurring at both central and peripheral sites, such as dual-task interference and Ia reciprocal inhibition as well as recurrent inhibition might be considered (Maeo et al.
If it can be shown that Pm4 plays a role in the anti-clockwise return the shell, Pm4 and Pm5 would be antagonistic muscles.
Electrical stimulation of the antagonistic muscles may improve the efficacy of stretching by providing an additional stretch to the agonistic muscles.
Regular weight training will balance antagonistic muscles such as quad and hamstrings and strengthen joints, enabling them to absorb more force from tackles or falls.
Synkinesis depends on the quantity and the quality of the reinnervation of the antagonistic muscles and the equilibrium or disequilibrium in reinnervation that has occurred.