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Synonyms for antagonist

Synonyms for antagonist

one that opposes another in a battle, contest, controversy, or debate

Synonyms for antagonist

a muscle that relaxes while another contracts

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a drug that neutralizes or counteracts the effects of another drug

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So, we decided to study whether use of GnRH antagonist in IUI cycles where HMG was used for ovulation induction improved clinical pregnancy rates.
Since NK1 receptor antagonists are used in combination with 5-HT3 receptor antagonists, CINVANTI offers a strong strategic and operational fit with Heron's existing commercial product, SUSTOL[R], our extended-release, injectable product that incorporates the 5-HT3 receptor antagonist granisetron and is also indicated for the prevention of CINV.
Hospital admissions for OHSS also favored the GnRH antagonist protocol (1.
The current study was conducted to determine and compare the GnRH antagonist protocol during early and late follicular phase with GnRH antagonist (flexible) and long GnRH agonist protocols in patients with PCOS undergoing ICSI.
Heron Therapeutics, a biotechnology company, has revealed a development program for a P/neurokinin-1 (NK1) receptor antagonist that is used in the prevention of both acute- and delayed-onset chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting, it was reported on Friday.
In one report, aldosterone antagonists failed to improve mortality or reduce CV readmissions in patients who had heart failure with decreased ejection fraction, after clinical trials had indicated the agents would do so.
In another report, renin-angiotensin system antagonists did reduce deaths in patients who had HF with preserved ejection fraction, after clinical trials had indicated the drugs would not do so.
30) Evidence regarding specific CV comorbidity outcomes related to TNF antagonist exposure is less well defined.
Aloxi showed a great efficacy during the acute and delayed phase after chemotherapy treatment as compared to other first generation 5-HT3 antagonists.
But to a 2nd grader, who does not know that he or she is not supposed to be able to learn this, protagonist and antagonist are just words, like "vegetable" or "download.
2] receptor antagonist HOE-140 was diluted in PBS, and given as an aerosol (400 nM/kg); budesonide was first diluted in 1 mL ethanol and then in PBS to give a 1 mg/3 mL solution and was given as an aerosol; carbamylcholine (carbachol) was dissolved in PBS at concentrations of 0.
To lessen the effect of H2-receptor antagonists on atazanavir exposure, it is recommended that an H2-receptor antagonist and REYATAZ be administered as far apart as possible, preferably 12 hours apart.
Warhol's direct self-promotion and soliciting--offering the prize of a glamorous dinner with the cover star of that month's Interview to someone who commissioned a multi-panel portrait, for example--point to a significant reason he achieved such success as an antagonist.
2] receptor antagonist might be given before bed to limit nocturnal acid breakthrough.
From a riveting thriller, expect edge-of-the-seat suspense and action, And readers are generally tipped-off early who or what the antagonist is.