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Synonyms for antagonism

Synonyms for antagonism

deep-seated hatred, as between longtime opponents or rivals

Synonyms for antagonism

a state of deep-seated ill-will

the relation between opposing principles or forces or factors

an actively expressed feeling of dislike and hostility

(biochemistry) interference in or inhibition of the physiological action of a chemical substance by another having a similar structure

References in classic literature ?
Hitherto, every form of society has been based, as we have already seen, on the antagonism of oppressing and oppressed classes.
I am equally balked by antagonism and by compliance.
He saw the Arab's eyes narrow, and he guessed that the other had sensed his antagonism to the plan.
He saw only the antagonism between the concrete, flesh-and-blood Genevieve and the great, abstract, living Game.
Their attitude was more of fearful suspicion than antagonism.
I think Raja sensed their antagonism, for he kept tug-ging at his leash and growling ominously.
I should prefer that they mated voluntarily," replied the professor, the strange gleam leaping to his eyes at the suggestion of possible antagonism to his cherished plan, "but if not, then they shall be compelled by the force of my authority--they both belong to me, body and soul.
Yap, when he said that our situation has 'built-in contradictions and antagonisms.
The research will bring us closer to understanding a) inter-religious relationships between Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox believers, b) problems of national identity underlying religious antagonisms, and c) how religious and cultural border zones separate and unite, generate conflict and create mutual understanding, potentially promoting peaceful co-existence.
With Russia and Japan also wielding power, he warned about the consequences of "state-to-state antagonisms, territorial disputes and feuds" - with China seen as the biggest threat.
With Russia and Japan also wielding power, he warned about the consequences of 'state-to-state antagonisms, territorial disputes and feuds' - with China seen as the biggest threat.
As it soon became apparent, the intent of the title was not to see how the world would be if Islam had never existed, rather the intent was more subtle, to examine east-west antagonisms and consider if they would still exist without the Islamic influence.
Christmas brings a spirit of reconciliation, where relationships are softened and antagonisms released as a mood of goodwill moves gently through society.