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Send your answers back freepost and you'll receive a plan of action specially tailored to your family needs.
Good morning,'' each child answers back, mouthing and signing the same words before giving the teacher a hug.
The ACM interacts with trainers using a text console, reading trainer's input and writing answers back, similar to a conventional "chat" program.
If someone doesn't believe something one character playfully says, ``Shut up,'' and another answers back, ``No, you shut up.
The RFP Machine(R) and RFP Express(R) enable quick assignment and automated distribution of RFP questions to the appropriate document contributors, track and monitor their responses, automatically integrate those answers back into a master RFP response document, and update The RFP Tracking System(TM) with important collaboration details.
The sign answers back, coldly, ``This excuse is not acceptable.