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In his discussion of this passage, Robert Bolton (1990) explains that when the questioner's target is 'the position of some particular individual who is to be examined from his own point of view,' then just as in all dialectical discussion, both answerer and questioner are building their arguments from endoxa (received or accepted opinions).
In a written answerer to the question of Zahid Khan, he said as many as 46 plots have been allotted to journalists in sector I-15 in the year 2007.
Example (20) below contains example of 'lexically-motivated' switches such as 'pest' and 'Renaissance type of era', but there are changes of footings internal to turns which also reflect changes in role-relationships, from that of question answerer to that of an interlocutor making appraisals and seeking my agreement.
The Answerer plays randomly generated crossword puzzles, asynchronously created by the Describer.
A question met with swirling answers depending on the age and mood of the answerer.
7] Communities of practice (be they professional or amateur) are a rich source of information: by providing an opportunity for the visible display of expertise or talent, "the public asking of questions creates a motivation to answer in public as well, and that answer once perfected, persists even if both the original asker and the answerer lose interest.
The answerer scripts were collected on the same day and marked with the help of Key.
He replied, "Well, I, for one, resent it when a representative of the people refers to you and me, the free men and women of this country, as 'the masses:'" In Hollywood he was an assiduous answerer of fan mail.
Currently, 35 seconds are allocated to the questioner and 35 seconds to the answerer.
and so on ad infinitum, with questioner and answerer alternating roles.
The answerer is yes, if new research is to be believed.
The designated answerer fields questions for all the patients served by the clinic, Hood says.
Once an answerer has collected more than $40 Mahalo dollars, he can cash them in and Mahalo will send out a check, keeping 25 percent.
The youngest of our daughters, Eve and Lydia, though now28 and 24, would have been about 11 then answerer considering IVF.
It does not include other types of move that can be made in argumentation, like the asking of a question that contain a reply to the question before the answerer has even had an opportunity to respond to it.