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responsibility to someone or for some activity

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Bakhtin again: the impulse to separate life and art "is nothing more than the mutual striving of both art and life to make their own tasks easier, to relieve themselves of their own answerability.
Ideas of textual responsiveness and readerly answerability thus find narrative parallels in the diegatic construction of Chorus of Mushrooms itself, which presents a personal encounter demanding response as essential to the production of textual meaning.
But this could bring great benefit to the electorate because this is the one department of state without scrutiny, surveillance or answerability through a select committee to the House of Commons, and isn't democracy supposed to be all about accountability for actions (and omissions)?
Responsibility means answerability, answerability for one's acts and omissions, for their being in conformity with whichever system of norms.
Accountability at its simplest, means answerability or responsibility.
Diversity among direct judgments, when correct judgments cannot be encapsulated in the generalities of a rule, in some cases leave clients free to seek lawyers more in tune with their own moral views, and in other cases at least avoids enforcing a controversial generalization of a group without governmental authority (or direct answerability to the public).
Accountability is the answerability for actions and for their consequences.
That leaves Lavin in the awkward position of preaching accountability, culpability and responsibility to his players while having to abdicate answerability to reporters.
See Bakhtin, Art and Answerability, Michael Holquist and Vadim Laipunov, eds.
It is not self-consciousness that brings authenticity, according to Levinas, but, rather, it is "my inescapable and incontrovertible answerability to the other that makes me an individual 'I'.
But the present structure of the Lords, together with its lack of democratic answerability, means that it survives on borrowed time.
227, 228 (1987) (arguing that answerability is too narrow and accountability "involves the means by which public agencies and their workers manage the diverse expectations generated within and outside the organization").
It is also stated that there must be answerability for those responsible for the violence and the casualties, which have resulted since the crisis has started.
Emphasize on necessity of making decisions related to school management method (such as budgeting, personnel affairs, educational methods and process)at own school and by individuals that are near to decision performing area than others and are awareness from it's problems and delicacies, during last decade, have been attention by different administrative and scientific educational gatherings, in response to mentioned challenges and in modern view framework with the title of SBM this viewpoint provide contexts of lack of concentration (centralization),group work and cooperative decision-making and consequently more responsibility and answerability decision-making against adopted decisions [8].
In other words, the integrative approach to public ethics based on mutual answerability stands to produce good outcomes for governance--arguably better than those produced by the alternatives of deontological obligation, moral imperative, teleological agency, and moral skepticism/relativism.