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Effects of seasonal change and prolonged anoxia on metabolic enzymes of Littorina litlorea.
A few data points showed apparent positive Ce anomaly caused by a negative La anomaly (as defined by Bau & Dulski 1996), and one data point from the Nostolepis body scale showed a real positive Ce anomaly, likely reflecting pore water anoxia present in most of the depositional settings.
New 3',8"-Linked Biflavonoids from Selaginella uncinata Displaying Protective Effect against Anoxia.
20) In cases of trauma with anoxia, CT is usually the first imaging modality employed.
Florid intracranial calcification in children is caused by birth anoxia, Cockayne disease, tuberous sclerosis, or infections such as toxoplasmosis or cytomegalovirus.
However, evidence for benthic colonization events at certain horizons within these shales [40-42] and for high-energy events in the water column and benthic zone [43] has led to a considerable debate about whether the water column was anoxic at all and, if so, on whether anoxia was ever persistent.
suffer traumatic brain injuries annually and an additional 917,000 suffer acquired brain injuries caused by stroke, tumor, aneurysm, viral encephalitis and anoxia.
Termites, for example, have inhabited Earth for around 200 million years, and some species have the ability to survive periods of anoxia (Henderson, 2001).
As a general guideline for the data presented here, the value [less than or equal to] 350mV at pH 7 has been used to indicate the redox potential at and below which anoxia commences (Marschner 1986; sec also Discussion).
Assuming that their explanation of anoxia was the cause of their high larval mortality, we avoided water changes by allowing evaporation and replacing the lost volume with feedings of plankton water.
As a result of this mitochondrial oxidation metabolism is disrupted and cellular anoxia and lactic acidosis develop (4).
The end-Permian crisis, by far the most dramatic biological crisis to affect life on Earth, was triggered by a number of physical environmental shocks -- global warming, acid rain, ocean acidification and ocean anoxia.
The temporal lobe is especially prone to inducing hallucinations, memory flashbacks, and other visions after death when undergoing anoxia, or oxygen deprivation.
In those sediments are records of past events in which methane gas rapidly entered the Santa Barbara Basin, even driving it to the point of anoxia, where no oxygen remains in the water, and probably creating a giant "dead zone" for marine life.