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Synonyms for anosmic

relating to an impairment or loss of the sense of smell


having impaired sense of smell

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Losing a normal sense of smell or taste might sound trivial but only the anosmics would know how it affects their social lives and experiences.
Still, there were eight individuals in the WTC group whose odor identification ability was severely impaired and who were also classified as anosmic on the odor threshold test, a higher frequency than observed among the matched controls.
Some anosmics suffer from depression and their quality of life is severely affected - at the moment there is little that can be done to help them.
If a company wants to make pine cleaner for bathrooms and inadvertently tests its product on a person with an anosmic sense of smell, that person may barely perceive the alpha pinen, the active chemical responsible for the smell.
Animals were rendered anosmic by surgically removing the olfactory bulbs and tract rostral to the frontal cortex.
These 3 patients included 1 in the sinonasal category who improved from hyposmic to normosmic, 1 in the post-URTI category who improved from anosmic to hyposmic, and 1 in the post-traumatic category who remained anosmic.
Ability to perceive androstenone can be acquired by ostensibly anosmic people.
They can be hyperosmic (very sensitive), hyposmic (the baseline category) and anosmic.
In addition, patterning is first noticed, and most exaggerated, in the vicinity of the goal box (Ludvigson, 1969; Ludvigson & Sytsma, 1967; Seago, Ludvigson, & Remley, 1970), and anosmic rats do not develop the patterned responding, but will do so if provided with a differential visual cue (Seago, Ludvigson, & Remley, 1970).