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rare plagioclastic feldspar occurring in many igneous rocks

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Phase PDF No Clay material quartz 010-85-0794/010-85-0796 33,6 kaolinite 010-78-1996 19,3 muscovite 010-73-9865 6,6 hematite 010-73-0603 1,0 microcline 010-71-0955/010-76-1238 1,0 anatase 010-83-2243 2,0 calcite 010-72-4582 -- anorthite 010-73-0264 -- amorphous -- 36,5 and other Phase % weight Limestone Chamotte quartz 34,1 3,2 kaolinite -- -- muscovite -- -- hematite 1,3 -- microcline 3,4 -- anatase -- -- calcite -- 75,1 anorthite 6,8 -- amorphous 54,4 21,7 and other Table 2.
Results from pH 3, 25[degrees]C far-from-equilibrium flow-through dissolution experiments on anorthite and biotite.
Complete re-equilibration of the early-formed minerals with the residual melt fraction was not attained, as demonstrated by the late crystallization of interstitial plagioclase with anorthite contents occasionally below 10, together with the preservation of chemical zoning in this mineral (Fig.
The absence of calcite and the presence of anorthite and muscovite could indicate slightly higher temperatures, between 800[degrees]C and 900[degrees]C.
Conducted by X-ray diffraction patterns of fired tiles derived from masses of different grain size, showed that as the dispersion of press powder, an increase of the intensity of the diffraction peaks of anorthite, while reducing the intensity of the diffraction peaks of quartz, which increases the mechanical strength of finished products.
One of the Chandrayaan 1's findings, reported in September 2009, was a confirmation of the mineral anorthite, rich in calcium plagioclase.
Moravia Duchcov Chotysany Bedrichovice Mineral Content (by weight %) quartz 35 26 31 27 K-feldspar 3 5 7 21 Na-Ca 3 8 14 4 feldspar hematite 1 magnetite 1 rutile 1 calcite 1 gypsum mullite anorthite 13 biotite 5 muscovite 10 [SIGMA] cryst.
These soils can be described as of low OM content, with a mineralogy dominated by highly crystalline compounds such as quartz, halite, or sodium anorthite, with dolomite and calcite also present less significantly.
Here for instance were 25-cm clusters of transparent golden barite crystals from the Vignola mine; large cabinet-size specimens of the famous red heulandite on black carbonaceous shale, from Val di Fassa; and, from the same rich valley, surprising specimens on which sharp, bright, pinkish orange crystals of anorthite to 1.
Considering the diffraction patterns recorded with the rocks collected from the four representatives basins in Romania, presented in figure 1, it resulted that they consist of the following substances: anorthite (CaO[Al.
Analysts have already detected a host of minerals, including olivine, spinel, anorthite, and pyroxene.
These develop from the weathering of the less resistant primary minerals (such as anorthite feldspar or olivine).
8]) that show continuous solid solution from albite to anorthite, with CaAl replacing NaSi as the series progresses.
4; n = 29) when compared to values from other feldspathic areas (Stauffer 1990), suggesting the presence and slight weathering of anorthite or Ca-rich minerals such as epidote (Watters and Fleming 1972).