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Synonyms for anorexic

a person suffering from anorexia nervosa

suffering from anorexia nervosa


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Could this mean that she'll also be dealing with the anorexic patient who is in denial of her condition?
Most former anorexics who respond well to professional help flourish as they gain strength and muscle mass, which increases how quickly you burn calories.
At CHEDS, Helen would reluctantly be weighed each week but, despite her surprising weight loss, she believed she was "too heavy" to be an anorexic.
Secondly, therapeutic work with anorexic patients is often particularly trying because the primary, self-destructive symptom of starvation is ego syntonic.
A barrister told Mr Justice Stephens: "This case raises important issues concerning the transfer of anorexic patients to England.
Lawmakers adopted a related amendment earlier this week targeting those who run pro-anorexia websites, and another that would require publications to publish a note telling readers when they have altered a picture to make a model look thinner -- or less anorexic.
Ruth, of Riddrie, has been anorexic for three years.
The thoughts and behaviors of pregnant anorexic women are drastically different from those of healthy pregnant women.
But, "you can't just choose to be anorexic," Lock adds.
Young anorexic or bulimic people encourage each other to lose more weight with photos of their own dramatic weightloss.
Using brain-imaging tools to explore what is happening in an anorexic patient's mind, researchers from the University of California, San Diego, assembled enough clues to suggest that anorexic patients are different from non-anorexic people.
The sex addict-intimacy anorexic will have sell-sex or sex with others regularly, but often will have no connection sexually with their spouse--often taking pains to avoid it.
When Kate was 11, she became anorexic and suffered with the condition for four years - and now, as she approaches her 40th birthday, she feels it's time she came to terms with her troubled past.
Anorexic and bulimic patients had been diagnosed at least 8 years prior to the study and were in treatment at the time of the study, without current marked vitamin deficiencies (Br.