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symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

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13) Consequences of delayed or inadequate treatment of an anorectal abscess may be severe or even fatal.
Many associated conditions along with fistulae-in-ano were noted, commonest condition was anorectal abscess (burst opened or surgically drained) which was found in 22 (44%) cases, fissure in 2 (4%) cases, pulmonary TB in 2 (4%) cases, haemorrhoids in 4 (8%) cases and BPH in 3 (6%) cases as shown in Table 7.
1) In 1956, he described the relationship of an anorectal abscess to the anatomy of the internal anal sphincter.
It was only on Monday that Desai underwent surgery for anorectal abscess at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences ( AIIMS).
The anorectal abscess is an acute inflammatory process that often is the initial manifestation of the underlying anal fistula.