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Synonyms for anomalousness

deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule

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That is, the unfitting-in, the anomalousness that we skirt in ourselves should be out in the-open in him.
Isaac Arama observes the anomalousness of relocating from a secure house to a fragile dwelling.
2) My point is that the phenomenon of the "fashion monster" did not peter out at the start of the seventeenth century, as the organization of the chapter might suggest; rather, conjunctions of clothes, fashion, women, and physical anomalousness continued well into the seventeenth century and beyond, reflecting more nuanced anxieties about sexual indeterminacy and constituting a further enmeshing and sophisticating of the relations between gender, religion, and the monstrous body.
On the contrary, I will argue that the formal ingenuity and anomalousness of Warhol's films of the 1960s, in minimizing the operations of secondary identification, felicitously disclose something essential to the non-reciprocal, voyeuristic structure of cinematic looking.